New Year in San Francisco

  • One can't think of a better destination to welcome the New Year other than San Francisco, regarded as one of the best tourist destinations of the world. With a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities, the city of San Francisco has something for everyone to celebrate the occasion of New Year in style.

  • In fact San Francisco lets you take a break from the daily monotonous chores of your life and indulge in some romantic and unique ways to celebrate New Year.

  • The party mood to welcome the New Year in style sets in the mind of the inhabitants of San Francisco right from the time of Christmas. People get prepared to indulge in total relaxation and complete merriment at the time of New Year, whether it is in the comfort of the homes or the intoxicating atmosphere of the pubs and nightclubs. Chinese New Year in San Francisco.

  • The Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco started in 1860 during the Gold Rush days and is now the largest Asian event organized in North America. This celebration involves the participation of another two fairs known as Chinese Community Street Fair and Chinese New Year Flower Fair. Ultimately the whole celebration culminates with the Chinese New Year Parade. This parade is also widely renowned as one of the world's top ten parades and is also the largest celebration of its kind outside Asia.

  • Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Keep on browsing to satisfy your curiosity by knowing more about New Year in San Francisco and other countries and cities.