New Year in Rome

  • It has been rightly remarked, "Rome was not built in a day." So why not treat yourself with a differentNew Year celebration this year? Start making plans from now onwards to enjoy an unforgettable New Year in Rome.

  • In olden times New Year in Rome meant a period to fast and eating traditional dishes like fish and pasta. But over the years the meaning of New Year celebrations in Rome has changed drastically. Now New Year in Rome is all about partying and feasting hard and painting the sky with the dazzling shades of the fireworks.

  • The colorful and the vibrant city, steeped in history with some of the finest architecture still surviving, will make your New Year celebrations in Rome an experience to cherish. Rome offers wide-ranging restaurants to a variety of religious and cultural centers to celebrate your New Year in an elegant and classic style.

  • The appealing city of Rome is a favorite for those who want to have a taste of cultural entertainment this New Year. The classical music concerts organized outdoors on the square in front of the Quirinale followed by the lighting of fireworks can add a special spark to your New Year celebrations in Rome. This event holds special significance as it is attended by the most eminent personalities of Rome, including the President of Italy. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Keep on browsing to satisfy your curiosity by knowing more about New Year in Rome and other countries and cities.