New Year in Australia


New Year in Australia is celebrated on January 1. This day is a public holiday and is marked with non-stop foot tapping music, mouth-watering delicacies, toasts of champagne and a youthful spirit. December 31, the last day of the old year, is celebrated with gusto all over the country as old and young come together to celebrate the dawn of a new beginning. The party fever in Australia rises from the Christmas Eve and reaches its climax on December 31, New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve in Australia is celebrated with breathtaking fireworks. People from all over the world gather to witness the supernova of light, the spectacular firework display complemented and orchestrated by resounding symphonies takes the breath away of every reveler.

New Year's Eve in Sydney has recently won rave reviews for being the best city hosting the New Year's celebrations. You will be surprised to know that the fireworks displayed to usher in the year 2006 left cities like New York, Edinburgh, Paris and London far behind Australia along the celebration index. The fireworks depicted a gigantic heart with two rings around it pulsing on the bridge. The lights behind it made it seem like radiating with lights. In Australia many people celebrate the beginning of New Year with outdoor activities like music, art, sustainable workshops, dancing, swimming, yoga, and camping. These activities give all the time-crunched people an opportunity to reflect on the past and wish for new hopes for the future. With a bit of mischief thrown in, these outdoor activities set the tone of the New Year's celebrations.