New Year Holidays

Welcoming the New Year is a celebration practised by all countries, cultures, religions and regions around the world. New Year is the occasion to ring out the old and ring in the new. Rich custom, age-old tradition and legendary folklore bind the celebration, which is supposed to be the oldest of all celebrations. Ancient Babylon is said to be the first to celebrate New Year. This is perhaps the beginning of the concept of New Year holidays.

  • New Year holiday period however depends on the date of New Year celebration which is country and culture specific. The New Year history revels the romantic legend of the celebration of New Year holiday, which gradually moved from the month of March to 1st January with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar and with the reconstruction of the New Year celebration to suit the recent epoch.

  • New Year holiday dates also have variations in the New Year holiday celebration and enjoyment in different regions and culture. But whatever may be the dates, New Year holidays is the time for fun and also to embrace life with refreshed hopes and dreams.

  • New Year holiday is the time that everyone looks forward to. With most part of the world engulfed in the winter chill and the Christmas holiday mood still lingering on, New Year holidays come as a welcome respite.

  • This is the time to make a fresh beginning as a New Year unfolds bringing with it new hopes, dreams and commitments. Be it grown-up or children, New Year holidays are to be savored to the fullest with parties, picnics, vacations, meeting friends and families. It's the time to spread good cheer, and simply, just relax and enjoy. Dgreetings wishes everyone a rollicking New Year holidays.