Last Updated: 28th April, 2020

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day Flowers

"Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world"
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mother's Day flowers need to be more special, for the day is observed as a kind of tribute to motherhood. Mother's Day Carnations have been a part of Mother's Day tradition since 1906, when Anna Jarvis promoted the wearing of her mother's favorite flower, white carnation.

Most Popular Flower Arrangements

PINK CARNATIONS which are given to mothers to represent the children's love for them.

Mother's Day Flower PINK CARNATIONS

WHITE CARNATIONS are worn in the remembrance of those mothers who are dead.

Mother's Day Flower - White carnations

While RED CARNATION is used as an official flower to symbolize the day.

Mother's Day Flower red carnation

Different Meanings Of Flowers

Flower 'ROSES' represents gratitude.

Mother's Day Flowers - Roses

'Gerbera' represents cheerfulness and playfulness.

Mother's Day Flower Gerbera

'Lily' represents motherhood.

Mother's Day Flowers

'Tulips' represents care and true love.

'Violets' represents devotion and faithfulness.

Mother's Day Flower Violets

Flower 'ASTER' represents patience

Mother's Day Flower GLADIOLUS

'GLADIOLUS' symbolizes strength of character

Mother's Day Flower GLADIOLUS

'HYACINTH' represents constancy and 'rose' for love.

Mother's Day Flower HYACINTH

Flower decorations around the house with tulips and scintillating flower centerpieces provide a refreshing look on the occasion of Mother's Day. Thus, make the event more cherished with these beautiful Mother's Day flowers.

All these flowers combined together can make a wonderful Mother's Day flower bouquet.


Best Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

  • Garden Hydrangea
  • Garden Petite Bouquet
  • Shades of Pink and Red
  • Warm Sunset Bouquet
  • Pink Anthurium
  • Blue and White Magic Muscari Bulb Garden
  • Precious Peony
  • Mom-osa
  • Mother's Day Radiant Tulips