Last Updated: 9th May, 2019

Mother's Day Themes

The special day for moms - it is on Mother's day that every child gets an opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude and love to their mothers. The best that you can do is to arrange a special Mother's day party for her taking into consideration the themes for the same. The mother's day theme can depend on a variety of factors. Remember whichever theme you choose, it should bring a smile on your mother's face and also be humorous and jovial. Let it also be a pleasant surprise for your mom.

It might be a bit difficult for you to properly make the arrangements for the Mother's day party. To get exciting results, one has to devote some good amount of time and decide on to the theme for Mother's day. Look at your mom's likes and preferences, and then start making the arrangements. Pay proper attention to nearly everything - the ambience of the party, the mother's day invitation cards, the menu and the gifts for mom that you should give to startle her. Choose a sensible theme as far as deciding the as per mom's preferences.

Who doesn't want it? Making the Mother's Day extra special and memorable for your dear mother? Let your mother feel all the love that you have for her and sing some beautiful mother's day songs or you could also use them as quotes in a mother's s day card. No doubt, your mom shall be really touched by these songs from her child. Mother's day songs and music are an essential component of the Mother's day celebrations. It wouldn't be complete without the tunes of the music of mother's day.

Favorite Color Theme:

Mother's Day Party Favorite Color Theme

The party should be arranged keeping in mind the favorite color of your mom. The decorations should all be done in that specific color, the invitees should dress up in that same color and the menu should be according to her choice and also the music.

60's Theme:

The most popular Mother's day theme is the 60's theme, where everything has to be in that tandem. Starting from the dresses that everybody wears, to the ambience that is created, to the music that is played - all the party elements should be like it was in the 1960s era.

Hollywood Theme:

Hollywood Theme

The Hollywood theme will be more centered on invitees wearing dresses like that of Hollywood celebrities. The ambience of the party should be such as that of Hollywood parties - overflowing with that kind of music and other necessary elements.

Beatles Party Theme:

The funniest of all the themes for mother's day, the Beatle's party theme would be like dressing up like the Beatles team and dance away to their numbers. This kind of an atmosphere shall surely add fun to the party.

Hawaiian Party Theme:

Hawaiian Party Theme

This theme on Mother's day would be to dress up in floral print attires and instead of using accessories like necklace, bracelet, anklets - flowers should be worn. The entire party decoration should be done with the help of flowers and the music should be of that genre.