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Mother's Day Activities for Kids

Mother’s day is by far the best day to bond with your kid creatively and indulge in fun filled activities with your little one(s). offers you a plethora of suggestions so that Mother’s Day is full of fun filled action for you and your family.

Coupon cards and simple paper cards with a very warm message for mom are perhaps the easiest to make but also the most emotionally , appealing! In this category come slightly more ornate butterfly shaped cards and pop-up floral garden cards.

If mom happens to be a cat or doggie lover then cute paper cards shaped in that way can also be designed and created.

Recycling is in! How about a brown paper grocery bag and ribbon card?! Ordinary grocery bags can be reused creatively to make lovely greetings cards laced with ribbon.
Hand Painted Flowerpot – This is a perfect token of your love for your mom. Use bright paints to light up an ordinary flower pot and add a pack of seedlings to it.
Twig Easel / Twig Picture Frame – A simple looking but useful easel that can be used by mom for painting & sketching. The twig photo frame can be used to display your favorite picture of your mom or family.

Foam / Plastic Picture Frame – Using foam or plastic (acetate) a nice picture frame can be made.

Family Tree / Collage – also using construction paper and a branching twig a family tree or chart can be made including names and pictures of all family members.

Other Mother’s Day activities include:

1. Mother’s Day Worksheet – It should display mom’s name, age, and favorite foods etc.
2. Ten adjectives to describe Mother.
3. Mom’s picture / portrait.
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