Last Updated: 4th May, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Robert Browning once said
"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there" and we are quite sure that most of you would agree to this thought. Mother’s day is an ode to all mothers for showering us with unconditional love and handling all the tantrums without a frown. They dabble in various roles right from that of a protector to a friend to a loyalist throughout our lives. She is the one who invested countless sleepless nights just to make you comfortable and has been your driving force throughout. A day acknowledging this beautiful bond needs to be therefore celebrated with much élan!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we thought of sharing with you all, some out of the box ideas to surprise your mom

Organic Gift Hamper

Mother's Day Organic Gift Hamper
  • Gift your mother a hamper of organic cosmetics. These are not only luxurious but also effective. This can include organic cosmetics such as bee-wax lip balms, organic ointment, and handmade organic soap and body wash.
  • The organic hamper could also include organic tea, chocolate and flavoured oil. Your mother can utilise this to create a beautiful meal for friends and family!


Mother's Day Jewellery Gift ideas
  • Now we all know that jewellery is loved by women of all age including your mother. But we are not talking about any ordinary jewellery here.
  • Reach out to your jewellery designer and order an engraved pendant with your mother’s and your name.
  • You can also get innovative and order a bracelet with hanging charms with symbols that reflect moments that you shared with your mother.

Cook Along

  • If you mother is fond of cooking, surprise her with a cook along.
  • Enroll her for a class and let her indulge in some food session of her choice.

Printed Diary

Mother's Day - Printed Diary
  • Gift you mother a printed diary that has your family images as separators. This gift would always be very close to her heart.

Book Reader

Mother's Day Book Reader
  • If your mom loves reading books; give her an electronic book reader from Sony or Kindle. A sleek gadget like this would be easy to carry and can store up to 300 books!


Mother's Day Gift Card
  • If you still unable to decide the perfect gift for your mother, a pre-loaded gift card can come handy. This way she can choose a gift in sync with her need.

A smartphone

Mother's Day Gift - A smartphone for your Mom
  • How about gifting your mother a smartphone this Mother's Day. Present her with an upgraded version of the smartphone that she is already using. But load apps that you think she might need. If she is new to smartphones, then load minimum of apps so that she might not get confused.


Take Her Out to Dinner

  • Take your mother out to dinner. Book a table at a restaurant and order her favorite dishes. You can also watch a movie or a play or attend a concert. She would definitely remember these precious moments.

A Handbag

Lovely Handbag
  • Your mother carries around a lot of stuff whenever she steps out of home. So, this Mother's Day gift her a lovely handbag. She would surely love the gift.


Sunglasses for Sun Protection
  • If you have a working mom or she has to step out of the house often, then sunglasses would be the perfect gift. They would not only make her look stylish, but would also protect her eyes from the sun.

A Bunch of Flowers

Bunch of lovely flowers for Mother's Day
  • Present her with a bunch of lovely flowers this Mother's Day. Roses are an ideal choice but tulips would also be equally appealing.

Personalized Notepad

Personalized laptop
  • Gift your mother a personalized notepad. Get your mother's name printed on the notepad. It would be an awesome gift on Mother's Day.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Coffee Mug
  • Gift her a mug with a lovely message inscribed on it thanking her for all that she has done for you.

Photography Session

  • Presenting your mother with a framed picture is so passé.
  • Instead give her an experience! If we can have wedding photography why not something unique for mother’s day as well? Book an appointment with a good photographer and seal those candid moments with your mother forever.


Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

  • Pure Silk Pillowcase
  • Fresh Lavender Gift Collection
  • Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Spa in a Bag
  • Mother's Day Collage Mug
  • Jar of Smiles for Mom
  • Photo Collage Blanket
  • Family Names Pillow Cover
  • Family Tree Necklace
  • Mother's Day Beauty Blooms Gift Set
  • Dryer Set
  • Birth Month Flower Grow Kit
  • Belt Bag
  • Two Tone Leather Legging
  • Family Portrait
  • Custom Mixer
  • Terrarium Candle
  • Shower Steamers Set
  • Smartphone Projector