History of Mexico Independence Day


In the history of Mexico, 16th of September is the most remarkable day for the Mexicans as this day marks the Independence of Mexico. The history of Mexico Independence Day is really broad that reflects how the nation attained independence from the Spanish rule. It was in the year 1810 and on 16th September Mexican revolutionized against the Spanish colonial rule over Mexico and changed the entire course of history of Mexico. Today the Mexico Independence Day is observed as a national holiday and people celebrate this day with loads of positive energy maintaining the true spirit of this significant day. The Mexico Independence Day celebrations reflect the rich customs, traditions and heritage of Mexico. Mexicans all over the world enthusiastically participate in the celebrations of Mexico Independence Day.

Mexico Independence Day History :

  • The history of Mexico Independence Day tells about how Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest, revolted and initiated the war of Independence of Mexico.
  • The 16th September history also depicts some important portions of the rich history, sacrifices of the brave soldiers of Mexico and ultimately how the country reached its independence after a long struggle.
  • In the 1500 century, Spanish conquistadors claimed their rule over Mexico, they ousted the local rulers of the country and imprisoned many of the countryís citizens and looted their treasures.
  • It was more than 300 years that Mexico was a part or more specifically was under the Spainís empire.
  • On 16th of September, 1810 Father Hidalgo rang the liberty church bell to call the people. They all gathered in one place and Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla motivated them to revolt against the colonial rule.
  • Father Hidalgo along with his untrained followers actually initiated the revolution, but unfortunately his initiative was unsuccessful and he was executed.
  • But the execution of Father Hidalgo didnít stop the war of Independence of Mexico.
  • After his execution, another priest named Father Jose Maria Morelos forwarded the revolution of Mexican independence.
  • The revolutionary decision of catholic priest of Father Hidalgo changed the entire chapter of history of Mexico. After a long and bloody struggle of several long years, Mexico attained its historical moment of independence in the year 1821.†
  • The remarkable day of September 16th is celebrated by remembering the soldiers of the country who contributed their lives for the independence of the country.
  • The statue of Father Hidalgo is decorated with flowers and his struggle is remembered by the citizens of the country.