Mexico Independence Day Celebration


16th of September is Mexican Independence Day. This auspicious and most remarkable day of Mexico is its Independence Day. This day is celebrated with loads of energy and positive sensations by the Mexicans throughout the world. The celebrations of the Independence Day of Mexico actually start on 15th of September that is on the eve of Independence Day. The significance of 16th September cannot be described in words, on this day Mexico achieved independence from the Spanish rule. . Parades, bullfights, horse shows, feasts, musical and dance programs are some of the most integral parts of Mexico Independence Day celebrations.

Celebrations of Mexico Independence Day

  • The Independence Day of Mexico is the biggest national holiday of the nation.
  • This historical day with a revolutionary importance holds great importance to the people.
  • On the eve of Mexico Independence Day that is on 15th of September, the entire nation is decorated with vibrant colors mainly with the colors of the Mexican Flag.
  • The Mexico Independence Day Celebrations are very similar to the celebrations of America’s Independence Day, which is on 4th of July.
  • On 15th of September, President of Mexico addresses the whole nation by saying “Mexicans! que Viva Mexico”, which means “Mexicans! Long Live Mexico!” It is then echoed by the entire nation.
  • After that the National Anthem is sung. The President rings the same liberty bell that was used by Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla for calling the people and to motivate them to revolt against the colonial Spanish rule.
  • The statue of Father Hidalgo is decorated with lots of flowers. This day is also utilized by the President to salute the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation
  • The celebrations of 16th of September begin with a grand civic ceremony. People actively participate in all the events that are organized for Independence Day.
  • The military parade gives a start to the Independence Day celebrations. The parade is followed by grand feast and other food festivals.
  • Foods are regarded as an important part of the celebrations of 16th September as it is believed that foods are representative of Independence.
  • Innumerable activities are organized especially for the kids. Firework displays decorate the sky making it more beautiful and offering magnificent views.
  • People enthusiastically wave flags in every corner of the nation and spray foams that add more charm to the mood and spirit of the Independence Day celebrations.
  • It is said that the biggest 16th of September celebration takes place in the Mexico City. Streets, buildings and each and every corner of the city are decorated with flowers and colors.
  • The main plaza of Mexico City that is Zocalo offers some spectacular views of the celebrations. In fact, one of the biggest fiestas is organized at Mexico City and people from all across the country and of all ages come to be a part of this grand event.