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Love Calculator

What is a Love Calculator?

Contrary to what Shakespeare said, apparently there is a lot in a name, at least when you are trying to find the compatibility quotient between you and your love interest. The Love Calculator uses specific complex algorithms and is, at its core, based on the science of numerology.

Why we need love calculator?

Love meter acts as an authentic source which enables us to find the tuning with our partner in the love relationship. To check the compatibility of your love our online love detector uses numerology and planetary information associated with your names and calculates your love percentage. It generates a proper report card of your relationship.

Love Calculator Algorithm: Calculate your intensity of Love

Love, a four letter word is enough to give meaning to your life. It feels so exciting when you are in love. The most important thing about love is to be sure about this feeling as love can be both the creator and the destroyer. Love is a very positive feeling which fills life with happiness. But wait, love is not a cakewalk. It takes efforts and a lot of care to nurture love.

How Does It Really Work?

How Does It Really Work

It is really simple to use the love calculator. You just need to input your name and your partner's name. The meter as per numerology and astrology will check the compatibility and love and display the result within a few seconds. Cheers, and make the best use of it.

Do not get startled if the result of your relationship is not positive as there is always a vacancy to work over the relationship and make it a better one.

Love is a word which comes with a variety of meanings but carries no meaning of its own. To put it more simply, with different context it attains different meaning. Love can take any form be it maternal, between friends or romantic love between two individuals. The universal definition of romantic love can be when people of different cultures, background or countries despite all odds try to be with each other at all times. Love is an emotion which is extremely difficult to express but one can say it is the greatest feeling in the world.

Regardless of what people say or what a person defines it is important to feel right in love. Love is a general feeling that we are attracted to people of the same kind. It becomes a priority to know about how your partner views love and what is the love compatibility existing between you two. Know more about the chemistry between you and your partner by using this love calculator.

Compatibility is All It Takes!

You might be head over heels over someone, probably because they are super attractive or may have some great social status. But the only thing which decides if you are meant to be or not is how well two of you mix together and click. And there are some simple signs to look out for, which can tell if you are compatible or not. First of all, there are not many fights between a compatible couple, and even if there are, you are not too afraid of them because deep down you know everything is going to be fine. And most importantly, you make efforts for the relationship to work. Your compatibility might also be a reflection of the friendship you share.

Other than these everyday signs, do you know your and your partner's name holds the key to the compatibility between you two? And it is a great help if you do not know the person enough to spend time with them but are curious about the future perspective of the relationship. Well, in that case, Love Calculator is your best friend.

Are you both really in Love?

Couple image

You might have seen a person and thought you have fallen in love with him/ her at first sight or you might have talked with someone for over a period of time and probably felt the same because you found them super attractive. But the real question is are you both really in love with each other? The basic thing to look out for before being in love is compatibility. Certain factors like your attitude towards your partner, your care and concern also define how much love you possess and what exists between you. The more time you spend with each other, the more you get to know each other.

If you have already done all above-mentioned things then you can surely go for the love meter test and find out how much love exists in your relationship. Love Meter will serve as your best friend in this case as it is authentic and precise.

Check where you love is heading towards?

There occur several questions in mind about your love. During such conflicting situations, you need the right sources to check whether the person you love is well suited for you or it is not working because of missing compatibility. Love meter is a type of signal which can signify the type of relationship you are going to nurture with your partner.

Does He Love Me? Quiz

Does He Love Me? Quiz

Is your boyfriend/husband really into you? Or is he just pretending? Would he turn to be your true soul mate or is he just flirting with you for some immature fun? Take the quiz below to find answers to all these questions!

Q 1) Does he compliment you frequently?

a)  Yes, almost on EVERYTHING

b) Yeah, mostly on my outfit

c)  He refrains from praising me for any damn thing

d) He wouldn't even if he saw me in a glittering dress

e) No


Q 2) When attending a party/event

a) He always steals glances and looks for excuses to talk to me 

b) He introduces me to people I don't know

c) He behaves as normally with me as he does with other friends

d) We don't have mutual friends

e) He doesn't pay attention to me at all 


Q 3) How long have you known him?

a) Less than a month 

b) Less than a week

c) More than a month 

d) More than 6 months 

e) More than a year


Q 4) Does he talk about the future? 

a) Yes, and he seems to be quite serious about it 

b) Yes, but he does it in a jovial mood

c) Yes, we do so, but less lately 

d) No, he has never discussed any such thing

e) No, he says we're just good friends 

e) No, he's made it clear that we aren't committed


Q 5) Has he ever asked you out?


a) Yes, we've been on a couple of dates

b) No, he hasn't asked me but I think he will

c) Yes, he did once but he hasn't asked again

d) I'm not sure

e) Not at all


Q 6) Has he ever told you about his past and shared personal details about his life?


a) Yes, he definitely shares a lot of personal stuff  

b) Yes, but at times he's reluctant in sharing some specific personal details 

c) No, he prefers talking about sexual or flirty stuff 

d) No, I have to push him for sharing something interesting about his personal life 

e) No, he'd never do that, even in his rarest dreams


Q 7) How does the conversation start between you two?

a) Any of us can start the conversation. As we talk a lot with each other, it does not really matter as to who starts the conversation

b) He is the one who is always friendly and starts the conversation with a sweet hello

c) Who said that we ever talked? We have never talked till date

d) I am the one who needs to start the conversation

e) He stammers a lot while talking, but only when he is having a conversation with me


Q 8) Does he touch you often?

a)  Yes, but only to tap me on the shoulder

b)  Yes, he prefers holding my hands during a conversation

c)  No, we don't like touching each other

d)   He loves strangling me

e) He doesn't know I exist


Q 9) How is his friend's behavior towards you?

a) I don't notice his friend's behavior much

b) They seem to assess my personality a lot when they are around

c) Lately they have been nicer towards me

d) They keep throwing little harmless things at me

e) They often throw heavy and pointed objects at me


Q 10) Has he ever told you he loves you?

a)  Yes, all the time!

b) Yes, but I'm a bit dicey as to whether he actually means it

c)  Yes, but very rare

d)  No, he hates saying “I Love You” because he's been ditched in the past

e) No, he's made it clear that he doesn't love me


Q 11) How frequent do you see him?


b)3 times a week.

c)1 day a week.

d)Whenever he finds free time.


Q 12) Does he give you gifts or presents?

a)Yes! All the time.

b)Occasionally, he does.

c)Not really.


Q 13) Who controls the TV you or him?

a)Only when there’s not an important game on.

b)Yes! He will let me watch romantic comedies over football any day.

c)No, not often.


Q 14) Is he aware of your favourite food?

a)He thinks he does and he’s usually close.

b)Yes! And he can even cook it too.

c)No, he just thinks I like whatever he likes.


Q 15) Have you ever been worried or suspicious about him cheating?

a)No not at all, I fully trust him.

b)Well, there was this one time when he went to Las Vegas.

c)Yes, unfortunately I have my doubts.


Q 16) When you're unwell how does he behaves?

a)Stops by occasionally to check on me.

b)Actually took off work to help me get better.

c)Stays away from me because he doesn’t want to get sick too.


Q 17) Does he come close to you, to talk, or hang out or hug?

a)we dont talk

b)No, I always walk up to him

c)Sometimes, but mostly i walk up to him

d)Yea, everywhere i turn he's there!!!

e)Yes, often



Q 18) Does he write you love notes?





Q 19) Does he talk about his Ex?




Maximum As:

You are into a mediocre relationship whose fate in the long run appears to be very dicey. A short term romance is on the cards but long term commitment and a 'soul mate' thing simply seems to be lacking. However, an open discussion with our partner and clarifying him/her of your expectations from the relationship might do some magic.

Maximum Bs:

OMG. Another Titanic is in the making. Your relationship will survive all the storms and the love will blossom forever. 'Soul Mates' is the word for you both. There's no ambiguity in saying that there's a divine intervention of the Lord Almighty in bringing you both together. You truly are made for each other.

Maximum Cs:

Expecting a long term relationship would be the most foolish thing for you. You both have somehow managed to hook on to each other but haven't given your relationship a serious thought, ever. Those around you if say that it will work out, they are probably telling you the biggest lie of their life. Don't wait much and get out of this relationship in a healthy manner. Denying the reality for long will only make you suffer a lot later.

Is Your Hubby Devoted?

Is your beloved devoted and committed to you? Does he go out of his way to please you or do you have to wait for him to bestow his attention on you? Well these questions can be really helpful in assessing the commitment level of your husband towards you and can further help you to provide a positive touch to your love relationship. So here is an interesting love quiz, which will answer all your queries.

Q 1. How many times does your husband tell you that you are beautiful?

a) Almost after every hour.
b) Often, especially during romantic moments when you are wearing a dress he likes very much.
c) You are still waiting for him to say these beautiful words to you.

Q 2. Your man is like

a) A truly romantic lover who can risk anything and everything for you.
b) He has been saying that he loves you but you are still confused about how he feels for you.
c) Sometimes you are trying to attract him towards you and sometimes he is trying to attract you.

Q 3. When you ask your beloved to escort you for any tedious and tiresome activity. How does he respond?

a) Your wish, my command! Just tell me the time and place and I would be there in no time.
b) I am very busy, but I will surely try.
c) You should have told it earlier, I have other important work to do.

Q 4. How many times in a week does your hubby takes out time to be with you?

a) Four though if his schedule approves, he would be at your doorstep for every single day of the week.
b) At least two or three in a week depending on how busy he is for the week.
c) One or none and it is you only who takes the initiative and plans the outing.

Q 5. Do you think that your husband might cheat on you at any point of life?

a) No, in fact he is more worried about your wandering eyes.
b) Sure, this thought has crossed your mind quite often.
c) Once it did when he was having dinner with his ex-girlfriend but you snapped out of it.

Q 6. When you introduced your beloved to your friends, what was his response?

a) Wow! I have heard so much about you all that I was dying to meet you.
b) Nice to meet you all accompanied with a big smile.
c) Hello, How are you? then silence and looking as if bored.


Maximum As:

Heartiest Congratulations! You have got a very doting and devoted husband. He has the perfect ability to bestow his love on you, to lend you his support when you are depressed and low in life and shows complete interest in your life. He can do anything for you, be it devoting a whole weekend for you or canceling his plans for setting up your apartment. You are very lucky for getting him as a husband and should thank your stars for bestowing on you their blessings.

Maximum Bs:

Your beloved can be termed as an adoring amour and more balanced than a banker's chequebook. He is a great listener and he consciously tries to be open and attentive to what his woman says. He does not believe in exhibiting his love by showering expensive gifts and praises on his darling. He is very much confident that you love him and he doesn't need to pamper you or to praise your looks after every ten minutes just to grab your attention towards him.

Maximum Cs:

Sorry, but your husband is a lame flame who will barely lift his index finger for you. Whether you want him to pick you up or want him to give you a nice surprise, he can never fulfill your expectations. Though you can try to change his attitude with your romantic and charming ways but this can take some time. But it's a famous saying that ‘where there is a will there is a way', so never loose hope and give it your best shot for the sake of your relationship.

When To Buy Her Flowers?

Women love receiving flowers, as these vibrant hued delicate petals are a symbol of life and blessing. Whenever, a woman receives "a bouquet of flowers", she feels special, loved and cared. Show your love and profound affection to your ladylove by gifting her flowers as they really mean a lot to her. Now, one question that baffles every man is "when to buy her flowers". The answer to this is as simple as it could be: technically whenever possible. Confused…Here are 10 most important reasons "when to buy her flowers" for more enlightenment, Read On!!

To Apologize

You did something wrong, or passed a snide remark that had left her hurt, then it genuinely calls for a quick heartfelt apology along with a bouquet or even a single stick of her favorite flower will do the magic. Adding a hand written note, saying "I'm Sorry" too will ease the tensions to greater degrees.

  • My life is incomplete without you.
    I need you in my life.
    I am sorry.
  • I am sorry...can we talk it over...
    I love you.
  • Take your time, don't worry I will wait forever, If that is what it'll take for you to forgive me...

Wishing a speedy recovery

Nothing can revive her spirits and spread a cheer across her face like receiving a surprise bouquet with a note of ‘wishing a speedy recovery' does. She will certainly adore you and want you more in her life than ever before.

  • Your presence made the world a happier place, you are not supposed to fall sick. Please get better soon!
  • Sending loads of hugs, kisses and love so that you health starts healing faster and you recover soon.
    Get well soon!
  • I am sending a little angel your way..
    To shower you with love & care!
    Hope you get well soon.

On elevations

Your lady finally got her most awaited elevations in her career and you are the first person she calls and breaks the news. What do you do then?? Well!! You immediately buy the most exotic bouquet of her favorite flowers and get it delivered to her office with a sweet note of appreciation attached to it. She will truly be delighted to receive it in front of her office folks.

  • My heartiest congratulations to you for this great success of yours.
    Keep bringing these little joys to us every year!
    My best wishes are for you always!
  • You have proved once again that you're worthy of all the big things in life.
  • Congratulations on your success!
    You have made us all proud.
    Keep up the good work!

Tough times

Any woman going through tough time's need a little bit of appreciation. Even if it is your mom, girlfriend, wife, sister or any close friend, she deserves flowers to make her feel better and revive her confidence in herself.

  • You can live opposite of what you profess,
    but you cannot live opposite of what you believe.
  • You are made to over achieve. Always!
  • Your willpower can light a few cities. You can do it!

Miss Her

Your lady love is gone out for a business tour and you are missing her badly or you have been extremely busy and unable to be in constant touch like before, then this situation calls for a bouquet of flowers to be sent her way along with a "Love U, Kiss U, Miss U" note.

  • Nothing in this world makes sense unless I share it with you.
    I miss you.
  • Every moment that I am spending without you,
    Is giving me a reason to Miss You,
    Can't really stay without you.
    I Miss You Darling!
  • I am not fine at all without you...
    Missing you badly...

New Mother's

To thank your wife for all the cheers that she had brought into your life with your little bundle of joy, it is absolutely appropriate to gift her favorite flowers on this occasion.

  • Experience happiness and joyful moments...happy motherhood.
  • May you be blessed with lots of loving memories during this special time as new parents.
  • A warm welcome to the priceless treasure...
    Congratulations ‘mommy'

On her Birthday

On her Birthday

The most special occasion to buy her flowers is on her birthday. Never ever forget to go an extra length and buy her an elaborate bouquet of flowers and make her day. Girls love boys who go that extra length to make her feel special and sweep her off her feet.

  • Happy birthday to you my dear love.
    You are the one who holds the string of my life.
  • On your birthday
    My heart is singing
    My soul is dancing
    And, I am waiting to hug you.
  • Happiest Birthday, Beautiful!

On Anniversary


For the fairer sex, flowers are associated with weddings. All you need to do is to buy the same flowers that she carried on your wedding day and make her feel nostalgic and relive the memories of the fortunate day when she walked down the aisle to be with you forever. This will surely be the cherry on top of all the planning that you had done for this day.

  • You are my answered prayer,
    My fulfilled wish, My realized dream.
    Happy Anniversary
  • Having you by my side makes me the happiest, most grateful and luckiest person in the world. Happy anniversary to my soul mate.
  • Our love is getting better every year. I wish it stays this way for all coming years.
    Happy Anniversary darling!

On Valentine's Day

When your woman says that she does not want anything for Valentine's Day, don't ever heed to her saying because secretly all woman want something to boast on the special day of love. So, this valentine's, say ‘I Love You' to her with a delicate bouquet of her favorite flowers and earn some brownie points in romancing your ladylove.

  • You are the reason of my long-lasting joy,
    unbound happiness, and endless love.
    You are my life darling.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • I never thought that anyone could make me feel so in love the way you make me do.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Love is making your loved ones feel precious.
    Thanks for making me feel so loved.
    Happy Valentine's Day, My Darling!

Meaning of True Love

True love is the state where you feel connected and attached with someone.. It is so beautiful and strong that people fear, admire, and envy it. When you have found that person they suddenly become the world to you. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself. Fill colors in your life with the Meaning of True Love…

Close your eyes and imagine visiting the world of love. In this world full of serene surroundings and adorned with Valentine decorations in romantic colors, Love is like a magic that never seems to lose its luster.

Your true love stands out from this scene with love in their eyes and arms extended for you. Does this scene's beauty fill your heart with great happiness? Many people would give anything to make this scene real.

What is true love? How do you identify true love? These are the kinds of penetrating questions that disturb questioning lovers. The definition of true love can never be given in a few words or few sentences. True love is something that can color someone's world, but the absence of true love can deprive one's life of cheerfulness.

True Love Messages/Quotes

  • That's what true love is.
    Always wanting what's best for someone,
    even if that doesn't include you.
  • I don't believe in magic,
    I believe in true love.
  • True love doesn't mean being inseparable
    it means being separated and nothing changes.
  • True love is not finding someone else but finding your other half.
    Miss Flo
  • The course of true love never did run smooth.
    William Shakespeare
  • Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.
    Jean de La Fontaine
  • True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.
    La Rochefoucauld
  • True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.
    Antoine De Saint - Exupery
  • True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.
    Honore de Balzac

True Love

True love is not an entity that can be bought from the market nor is it something that can be forced. True love is often described as a commitment to spend time with someone, the promise of sharing one's happiness and problems with someone, and the ability to love someone in spite of their mistakes or shortcomings. True love is not described in terms of jealousy, boastfulness, arrogance, rudeness, or resentment. True love makes your life beautiful and is often seen as God's blessing for which He needs to be thanked.

Definitions of True Love

Many lovers, scholars, and intellectuals have waxed poetically on the definition of true love. These definitions have been useful for people in recognizing the true love in their lives.

According to these definitions, true love is:

  • Thinking of only one person all the time.
  • Narrowing down the definition of true love would be akin to ruining the beauty of it.
  • Being prepared to sacrifice everything in order to see a sweet smile on someone's beautiful face.
  • Making modifications in daily routines just to spend some quality time with someone special .
  • Ignoring the shortcomings and mistakes of the person with whom you are in love.
  • Making changes in your personality in order to please someone special Note: Most Americans don't think you should change yourself to suit someone
    else's preferences when you're in a relationship.
  • Not feeling any hesitation in sharing your thoughts with someone.
  • Feeling happy in their moments of joy and shedding tears at their moments of sadness.
  • Not being able to give attention to anyone except that particular person .

These are some of the definitions of true love that can help you in not only identifying but also finding true love in your life.

Definitions of Love Quotes

  • Love
    1. Missing some one who is sittig next to you.
    2. Desire for their soul
    3. Is the reason for living
  • What is love?
    Love is when two people touch each other's soul
    Love is honesty and trust.
    Love is helping one another.
    Love is mutual respect.
    Love means that differences can be worked out.
    Love is reaching your dreams together.
    Love is the connection of two hearts,
    ...yours and mine!
  • Love: When the happiness of someone else is essential to your own.
  • Love is patient,
    love is kind.
    It does not envy,
    it does not boast,
    it is not proud.
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs,
    Love does not delight in evil,
    rejoices with the truth,
    It always protects,
    always trusts,
    always hopes,
    always perseveres,
    Love never fails.
  • I don't want the best for you,
    I want the best for what wants the best for you,
    Because you don't know what you want.
    I'm not on the side of you that's aiming towards your defeat,
    I'm on the side that's struggling towards the light, and that's the definition of love.
    Jordan Peterson

60 English Phrases to say 'I love you'

  1. "I'm totally into you."
  2. "I love you from the bottom of my heart."
  3. "I'm yours."
  4. "There is no other."
  5. "You're my ideal woman."
  6. "You're my Prince Charming."
  7. "You're my king."
  8. "We're perfect for each other."
  9. "You can't deny what's between us."
  13. "I YEARN FOR YOU."
  14. "I ADORE YOU."
  16. "YOU'RE MY BABY."
  17. "You're my princess."
  20. "YOU'RE MINE."
  27. "I'M DRAWN TO YOU."
  29. "I WANT YOU."
  30. "I NEED YOU."
  31. "YOU'RE MY MAN."
  37. "I'M HOOKED ON YOU."
  38. "YOU'RE MY GIRL."
  41. "I'M MAD ABOUT YOU."
  43. "YOU'RE MY ANGEL."