Libra Zodiac Cards

Surprise your friends by sending these zodiac cards with their traits mentioned.

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  • Libra Wishes

    Libras have outstanding gut feelings and instinct, although they usually do not trust them enough.
    Libra is not one for gloomy, overly serious people.
    Libra likes things to be neat and tidy so that things are easy to navigate.
    Never assume your large ego is intimidating to a Libran, it's more like irritating.
    Libras love hard and are always there to help the ones they truly love.
    Libra is attracted to those who are a bit flirtatious.
    As a Libra the right person for you is someone that's open minded.
    Libra prefers to find some quiet time to share with that special someone.
    Libra love looking at beautiful things.
    A Libra at times has a hard time letting people down. They extend themselves quite often.