Last Updated: 30th August, 2019

Jewish Holiday 2019

Rosh Hashanah Calendar is Jewish calendar. Jewish New Year falls in the month of Tishri i.e. the seventh month and it is in this month when the year number increases.

The Jewish first month is Nissan—in spring and Passover occurs in this month.

Rosh Hashanah or Jewish calendar adopted the names of the month during the time of Ezra, after returning from Babylonian exile. Hence, the names are actually Babylonian month names. The time from the first major festival, Passover in Nissan to the last major festival, Sukkot in Tishri is always the same.

Jewish Holidays 2019

MondayMonday, January 21, 2019Tu Bishvat
ThursdayTuesday, January 22, 2019Purim
FridayWednesday, January 23, 2019Shushan Purim
SaturdayThursday, January 24, 2019Passover - First Day
SundayFriday, January 25, 2019Passover - Second Day
SaturdaySaturday, January 26, 2019Passover - Final Day
ThursdaySunday, January 27, 2019Yom Hashoah
WednesdayMonday, January 28, 2019Yom HaZikaron
ThursdayTuesday, January 29, 2019Yom HaAtzma'ut
ThursdayWednesday, January 30, 2019Lag BaOmer
SundayThursday, January 31, 2019Yom Yerushalayim
SundayFriday, February 01, 2019Shavuot (1st day)
MondaySaturday, February 02, 2019Shavuot
SundaySunday, February 03, 2019Tish'a B'Av
MondayMonday, February 04, 2019Rosh HaShana Starts
TuesdayTuesday, February 05, 2019Rosh HaShana Ends
WednesdayWednesday, February 06, 2019Fast of Gedaliah
WednesdayThursday, February 07, 2019Yom Kippur
MondayFriday, February 08, 2019Sukkot Starts
SundaySaturday, February 09, 2019Sukkot Ends
MondaySunday, February 10, 2019Shmini Atzeret
TuesdayMonday, February 11, 2019Simchat Torah
MondayTuesday, February 12, 2019Hanukkah Starts
MondayWednesday, February 13, 2019Hanukkah Ends