Japanese New Year 2019

It's the season of celebrations! Merriment is moving hand in hand with fun. Within a few days, we will be bidding a goodbye to this year and stepping in a brand New Year. The entire world is busy preparing for celebrations. Japanese New Year will be accompanying the New Year we celebrate according to the Gregorian calendar. Various customs and traditions along with decorations are involved in the Japanese New Year. The following page speaks leaps and bounds about the Japanese New Year 2019. Explore the information.

Japanese New Year

  • The traditional name given to Japanese New Year is Oshogatsu or Shogatsu. The Japanese New Year was initially celebrated according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

  • After 1873, Japanese New Year is celebrated on the 1st January when the Japanese adopted Gregorian calendar. Celebrations commence from 1st January and end on 3rd January. This date is more in orientation to the people who follow Shinto religion.

  • The country is visited by a number of tourists around the New Year. The grand celebrations manifold our festive fervor.

Japanese New Year 2019 Celebrations

  • When the clock strikes 12 at midnight, throughout the country, every temple bell is rung 108 times. This is called ‘jayano kane'. It marks every individual passion.

  • People dressed in their best visit their local temple and pray for good fortune throughout the year. People enjoy partying all the night. Traditions connected to the Japanese New Year festivity are several. Most businesses shut down during the three day New Year festivity.

  • People begin preparing for this event long before the arrival of Oshogatsu or Shogatsu. The Japanese New Year 2019 celebrations include delight and enthusiasm. Traditions, decorations, new clothes and delectable cuisines boost the celebratory cheer.

Japanese New Year Customs

  • Traditionally, Japanese New Year celebrations continue for two weeks. ‘Hatsu'- a part of the customs is included during these two weeks. During this time people come together, leaving behind their bitterness and start afresh on sweet note.

  • The year's foremost cockcrow is ‘Hatsu dori'. Hatsu made is the very first shrine and temple. Goyohajime is the first day of business dealing. Kakizome is the first writing conducted by each and every member of the family. Each member dips Burch into recently mixed ink and writes a favorite quotation, proverb, or a poem on a long paper strip.

  • The two parts in which the Japanese New Year is observed are- bidding grand farewell to the year passing by and welcoming the New Year generously. Basically, it is a time of meeting and gathering. After the celebrations gifts and favors are exchanged.

  • Usually, the elders give gifts to children and bless them abundantly. Japanese New Year is one of the imperative festivals that are celebrated on the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.' The gaiety and gusto with which this event is celebrated make the merriment more pleasurable. Hope you enjoy to the fullest this time. Wish you all a Happy Japanese New Year 2019. Have a flourishing year ahead!