Russian Independence Day 2018

The Russian Independence Day is that special day when the people of Russia celebrate their freedom, peace and harmony. This is the day when the Russian Federation celebrates their establishment as a sovereign nation after having separated from the Soviet Union in 1990. The Independence Day of Russia is celebrated on the 12th of June every year.

Russian Independence Day Celebration

The Independence Day of Russia is a national holiday, so it certainly calls for celebrations. This is the day when festive events are organized throughout the nation. The Russian flag is put up on top of the Ostankino TV tower which is the around 500 meters high. The flag is quite a huge one – around 5 meters long. It waives more than half a kilometer above the ground.

On the Russian Independence Day, a parade is held at Red Square in Moscow and in several other areas of the nation. Cultural and traditional activities involving music and dance are held as part of the Independence Day celebrations. Among all such events, the concert held at Red Square in Moscow deserves special mention. In addition to enjoying the concert, people indulge in fireworks at Red Square on this special day.

They love watching the cloud-dispersing aircrafts on the sky above Moscow. These aircrafts are taken to the sky just to make sure the weather stays fine and sunny.

On the Independence Day of Russia, a kite performance is held at the Red Square. Besides, there are sports events held on this occasion. There’s a drift racing competition held in Central Moscow, where drivers from Russia as well as other countries participate and enjoy. Besides, motocross riders perform their stunts, thus displaying their credibility to thousands of people who witness the event.

How to Convey Your Wishes on the Independence Day

If you’d like to send warm wishes to your dear ones on the Russian Independence Day, use e-cards which are faster and available free of cost. Just make sure you choose the right images and message which go with the theme of the Independence Day. You’d certainly like to wish that your friends and family stay in peace and enjoy their freedom. So, when choosing cards for them, go for the text which can best convey the message of peace and liberty to your loved ones.

Russian Independence Day is the celebration of freedom, peace and harmony. So, on this day, make a resolution that you'll uphold the spirit of equality and liberty and share this idea among your friends and family as well.