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“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation” ~Anonymous~

The honeymoon is meant to be cherished forever. These special moments remain like paintings in our mind, scenes of beauty and romance in the arms of our beloved. It is a special private vacation for the husband and wife away from all the relatives, friends and work etc. The couples start having an alternate perception of reality and forget all about the real world. The honeymoon is a time for the couples to explore the depths of their relationship. It is during this romantic honeymoon that the couple gets to know each other intimately. Romance and passion hang heavy in the air during a honeymoon.


    The bride and groom plans ahead to generate the best honeymoon ideas. Time is definitely a key factor here; you need to plan well ahead for that picture perfect honeymoon. Since weddings happen in particular seasons many couples get married at the same time. For this reason all the resorts, hotels and other holiday destinations are completely jam packed, unless booked previously.

    Choosing a seaside location in winter and a cold area in summer are great honeymoon ideas. Imagine soaking up the sun with the love of your life by your side without a care in the world… this already sound like paradise. However the beauty of destinations like Hawaii, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbeans add to the memories of the honeymoon. Going to cold places like many gorgeous locations in Europe, China and North America is an excellent honeymoon idea.

    If budget is a consideration, going somewhere closer to home is a good and cheap honeymoon idea. Whatever the location maybe, passion and romance are the key ingredients to a sizzling honeymoon. A great romantic honeymoon idea is to get honeymoon gifts for your husband and wife and pleasantly surprise them.

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