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The custom of using honeymoon registry started during the 1990s. This is a kind of Internet service where the newly wed couples are given financial service for their honeymoon. It was initially started by various travel agencies as part of their additional customer service offers. However, with time the working process of honeymoon registry has gone through a lot of changes. Nowadays, a married couple can even share their experiences and pictures of their honeymoon on the web pages of honeymoon registry. It also serves as a guide for the marriage guests as to what gifts they should get for the couples.


    As gifts for marriage, the guests can give a free dinner offer in a lavish restaurant to the couple. Again, some special guest can give a free air ticket to the couple to their honeymoon destination. Another brilliant idea for honeymoon gift can be a free voucher for a long cart ride in the outskirts of the city. Thus, honeymoon registry also helps the couple to arrange a budget honeymoon .

    There are many benefits of honeymoon registry which has made many couples take help of it. If the couples make their honeymoon registry in correct time, they can even invite their guests through this. Secondly, the wedding couples can register here for their desired wedding gifts. Sometimes, some guests can gift cash at wedding; this will decrease their honeymoon expenses. In short, a honeymoon registry makes the wedding gift giving process more easy and simple.

    One of the greatest honeymoon ideas is to find out what is in the heart of your partner. If you can figure out that secret wish or desire, make it come true during your honeymoon. This will be the best gift you could give your beloved. This gesture is what will make your bond stronger and your honeymoon very special.

    However, there are some negative sides to honeymoon registry too. Some are of the opinion that a honeymoon registry is a medium of wanting money from guests. This is actually going against the tradition. Get more honeymoon ideas from the pages of Dgreetings.com.

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