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The honeymoon is the most beautiful way to begin a newly married life. The newly weds look forward to the honeymoon to make a happy start to their relationship. They have great expectations out of this journey called marriage and the honeymoon is the perfect way to embark on this new beginning. However after all the expenses at the wedding, there might not be enough resources left to have a celebrity style honeymoon. By applying some simple cheap honeymoon ideas you can have that picture perfect honeymoon and not even spend that much. To have a low Budget Honeymoon one of the most important requirements is planning ahead.


    Only when you plan ahead and manage your time, you will get fruitful results. One of the ways to spending less for your honeymoon is choosing a low budget honeymoon location. This can be done by choosing a honeymoon location which is closer to home. If you search carefully there can be many spectacular places to spend your honeymoon in the same country or same continent.

    However, if you have dreamt of that magical honeymoon in a faraway romantic destination, that is also possible in a low budget. If you choose a popular honeymoon destination in Europe or Asia, do your tickets smartly. The tickets should be bought as soon as the dates for the wedding have been finalized; by doing this you can avail many airline discounts. To further decrease your expenses you can choose economy class instead of flying business or first class, this sacrifice will reap many benefits.

    Another cheap honeymoon idea is to travel during the off season. Even if your wedding happens at the prime wedding season, try going for your honeymoon a few weeks later to save on some big bucks. By traveling in the off season you will get great airfare deals and discounted hotel fares. A great cheap honeymoon idea is to choose a resort instead of a grand hotel. You can also go camping and take bus tours during the honeymoon to save money. There are many ways to spend less and still have an amazing honeymoon.

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