Halloween Invitation Wordings

Calling all Goblins, Ghosts and Freaks of the night! Creep, float or crawl over to our Halloween Costume Fright.
Attention all Ghosts and Goblins. You are invited to our Spook-tacular Haunt.
Gremlins and Goblins and Witches on brooms. You are invited to party under the moon! It’s the [last name] Haloween party that’ll be such a fright, Dancing and eating and music all night!
Halloween is coming soon, so grab your mask or your broom. The [last name] family will be your host, come dressed as yourself, a witch or a ghost! There will be food, drink and witch’s brew, Now all we need is you!
What are you doing [day of the week]. I just have to ask? How about drinking, dancing and wearing a mask… Come on over for the harrowing fright the [last name] are brewing for Halloween Night!
You're invited to a
Halloween Scare
come and join us if you dare.
This Halloween
will be quite a thrill!
We're having party
It's a Halloween bash
come dressed as yourself,
a witch or a ghost!
It's Halloween
and the perfect time...
To enjoy the thrills of
a scary night and have fun
with spooky adventures
and other delights.
You're invited to a groovy
celebration on Halloween!
Were throwing a
Halloween party
Come dressed in your best
and spice up the night
with food, games and more
under the moonlight.
A Halloween party
is on its way!
So, creep and crawl over to
experience all the scare!
You're invited to join us for
the Halloween tricks and treats!
Come over to join us
as we celebrate Halloween
with scary delights and fun!
You're invited for a spooktacular
Halloween Party!
A Halloween party
is brewing!
Join us for the night
that will be full of fright
Inviting you to drop in
and share the
groovy fun!
It's our Halloween wedding night!
Please join us to share in
our happiness...
As we exchange the vows
and celebrate
with cocktails and food
that are a delight!
A birthday party is brewing
on Halloween night!
Get dressed in your
craziest best and join me
for a fabulous celebration.