Last Updated: 28th November, 2020

Significance of Golden Temple

About Sri Harmandir Sahib

One of the most sacred places of India is Golden Temple or popularly known as Sri Harmandir Sahib. This divine court, which basically means the temple of God, is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. It was founded by Sikh guru, Guru Ramdas and was ultimately completed by Guru Arjan Dev. This wonderful temple is built exactly in the middle of square tanks and there is water all around. The gold covered exterior of the temple looks amazingly beautiful. Sikh people from various regions of the world come and pay a visit to this holy place every year. There is a rich history associated with it and the significance of Golden Temple is also tremendous. So, if you are interested in knowing about them, then simply have a look!

Importance of Golden Temple

In words, it is actually very difficult to define the significance of Sri Harmandir Sahib. It has always been the Sikh people's rallying point throughout its history. The main reasons behind its significance are as follows, just have a glance through them -

1. In the year 1604, the first edition of the "Guru Granth Sahib", which is regarded as the most holy book of Sikhism and the holiest literature of this religion, was installed here. Baba Buddha was the first caretaker of the book or the first 'granthi'.

2. Moreover, in the year, 1699, Guru Gobind Singh, tenth guru of Sikhs laid the establishment of 'Khalsa Panth'.

3. Golden Temple also holds special significance as it marks the popular Baisakhi celebrations. It was on a Baisakhi day, the foundation of Khalsa Panth was laid down by the tenth guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. This sacred center of the Sikh community is visited by the Sikhs from across the world. Grand Baisakhi celebrations are organized here, which is attended by thousand of people.


4. The holy tank of the Golden Temple is considered as very holy and the Sikh people try to pay a visit to this temple and for taking a holy bath at the tanks of the temple. It is believed that a single bath at this holy water will properly cleanse the soul. This holy tank of Harmandir Sahib was built by Guru Arjan Dev. The water in those tanks is believed to have therapeutic properties.

5. People from different sections of the society irrespective of caste, gender, race and religions come and worship the almighty. Golden Temple is the symbol of peace, magnificence and strength. It is actually the main pilgrimage and spiritual center for the Sikh people throughout the world.