Last Updated: 25th March, 2020

Gudi Padwa Gift Ideas

The day has come to wish happiness and health to your loved ones. Gudi Padwa calls for celebration and welcoming a brand new year with renewed hope. Giving gifts to the loved ones is an integral part of every Indian celebration and Gudi Padwa is no exception.

To help you find the best gifts for the ones who matter to you, given below are some great Gudi Padwa gift ideas

Home Appliances:

  • It is a tradition to buy something new on New Year's Day for the household to ensure prosperity throughout the year and a home appliance item can be considered an excellent option for a Gudi Padwa gift.

  • If you are planning to present someone close you can buy electronic chimney, induction cooker, roti maker, or a microwave oven



  • Electronic items like LCD television sets, music systems, DVD players, laptops or computers, cameras, digicams, or iPads will make excellent additions to your household on Gudi Padwa.

  • For youngsters you can choose from mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, desktops, and computer games.


  • Idols of Gods and Goddesses are considered auspicious and therefore you can always choose one to gift your loved ones. From silver statues to carved wooden idols there are plenty of options.

  • So, you can shop comfortably according to your budget. These also make excellent art items for home decoration.

Sweetmeat Thali:

  • What is an Indian celebration without loads of sweetmeats? The traditional mithai thali never fails to do the magic and it also helps in adding sweetness to relations.

  • You can choose an assorted mithai thali to add that touch of modernity to this traditional Gudi Padwa gift.

Dry Fruits/ Sweets:

  • Assorted dry fruits and sweetmeats made of dry fruits are excellent choice for New Year gifts. Moreover, these can be preserved for long time and hence, are appreciated more by the recipient over traditional sweetmeat. 


  • Buying gold or silver jewelry is considered auspicious so, it is always preferred as a gift. You can choose from neckpieces, bangles, pendants, earrings, anklets, or bracelets.

  • If you are gifting a teenager or someone younger then you can always choose from the wide collection of costume jewelry as well.

Door Hangings:

  • Decorating the entrance to usher the New Year is an important part of Gudi Padwa celebration. Traditionally the door is decorated with neem and mango leaves and red flowers but now-a-days a variety of decorative door hangings and festoons are available in the market.

  • These are often made of fabric, brocades, plastics or laminated paper to last longer than the traditional buntings. 

Gold or Silver Coins:

  • Keeping gold or silver coins with engravings of Laxmi- Ganesha and Hindu auspicious symbols are believed to bring good luck to the household and keep evil at bay. That makes them the most appropriate gift choice for the New Year.

Home Decoration Items:

  • You can now shop for the wide variety of home decoration items available in the market. From statues to paintings, antique showpieces, and murals, the choices are seemingly endless for one. This allows you the privilege to shop according to your budget.

  • Some online shopping websites also let you shop for home essentials and decoration items from the comfort of your home. 

Gift Cards:

  • Gift cards are excellent last minute options.These enable your near and dear ones to buy items according to their choice. You can present gift cards of apparel stores, electronic shops, and jewelry stores. For youngsters, iTune gift cards, gift coupons from gaming stores are very good options. 



  • Even though the traditional sweetmeat is appreciated as a Gudi Padwa gift no one can deny the attraction of chocolates.

  • A wide variety of exotic favored chocolates, boutique chocolates and even organic chocolates are now available in for such special occasions.

Devotional Song Cds:

  • To set the right note for the celebration of Gudi Padwa you can always gift CDs of devotional songs. Playing devotional songs is said to purify and energize the household atmosphere.

  • So what better gift than wishing your near and dear ones with a pack of devotional music CDs on Gudi Padwa?