Last Updated: 28th May, 2020

Graduation Announcement Cards

Share the joy of being a graduate with everyone by sending dgreetings Graduation announcement cards.

  • With much hard work.
    With much hard work and dedication I accomplished.
  • It's not the end ...
    It's not the end simply the beginning of a great.
  • We wish to share..
    We wish to share this time with you to laugh..
  • Now it's all accolades
    Pleased to announce it's my graduation day!
  • I'm graduating tomorrow
    A sense of happiness and merriment is lingering all over.
  • We are please to say..
    Caps and gowns diplomas and accolades..
  • I am pleased to announce ..
    With much hard work and dedication..
  • As our final year...
    As our final year comes to and end we pause...
  • It's a Graduation Day
    I am a graduate now..

Graduation Questions

● What does a graduation announcement mean?

To “announce” your graduation. The word “announcement” mmeans you are sharing the news, not necessarily inviting the recipient to the ceremony or party. College graduates who want to let friends, family, teachers, professors, etc know that they are now a Graduate

● Do people send graduation announcements?
When Do You Send Out Graduation Announcements?

Graduation announcements should be sent out at least two weeks before the event. But If you are not sending invitation you can send them up to six weeks after the event.

● What is the difference between
Graduation Invitation and Graduation Announcement?

The difference between graduation invitations and graduation announcements is that invitations are used to invite people to the actual ceremony (or to a party) and announcements are just sharing the news of your accomplishment(Graduation) As you can only invite a handful of people to see you walk the stage, you can , you can send announcements to as many people as you would like, especially if they live too far away to attend a party or celebration.

● Announcements are usually not as formal as invitations.

Unlike invitations, announcements can be sent out either before or after your graduation has taken place.

● For High School Graduation Announcements

The most important information to include is your name, your school, and the year of your graduation.

You may also include the location of your high school, any special honors or awards you will be receiving, academic achievements, your parents’ names, a special quote or any other details

● For College Graduation Announcements

You should always include your name, your school, the year of your graduation, and the degree you received. Don't abbreviate the title of your degree. Instead write“Bachelor of Arts” or “Bachelor of Science” on place of putting “B.A.” or “B.S.”

You can also list any special honors or awards, what you minored in, where you’ll be working after college or other information.

Graduation Announcement Wording

With much hard work and dedication I accomplished
an important goal in my life
of which I am very proud
I am pleased to announce
my Graduation from High School.
A young person's journey is not yet complete
But a major milestone he did meet
A sense of joy and tinge of sadness
Brings us to the moment of gladness
The beginning is here as the end is too
We're happy to share this exciting news with you
The Graduation
our son
Happiness in the air, hats in the sky
4 years of toil was no picnic, no lie
Now it's all accolades, cheers, extra bright sun rays
Pleased to announce it's my graduation day!!!
Can't believe our little daughter is all grown up.
Super happy and proud to break the news
Her graduation day is upon us.
With hard work comes great rewards!
An important goal of my life has been achieved
I'm immensely pleased to announce that I'm graduating today.
A sense of happiness and merriment is lingering all over
My journey has just started.
Super excited to share this news with you
I'm graduating tomorrow with flying colors.
As time passed, we acquired knowledge
There have been moments of joy and tears
Although we are preparing to face new challenges of tomorrow
We want to take a moment aside and proudly announce
That our graduation day is here.
Graduation is not an end
It is the beginning of a journey
On a road with many a bend
Take with you the memories
The lessons you've learned
Celebrate the accomplishment of this degree
You have earned.
We are proud to announce the graduation of our daughter.
It's not the end
Simply the beginning
Of a great and meaningful journey
Of ambition and living.
We are proud to announce
the graduation of our son.
Caps and Gowns
Diplomas and Accolades
We are pleased to say it's
Graduation Day
We proudly announce
The Graduation of our daughter.
As our final year comes to an end
we pause to reflect upon the many memories
which have brought us tears and joy.
We came to this place together
to learn, to grow, to share
Time and space may separate us
but wherever our pathways take us.
We wish to share this time with you to laugh, to smile, and to cry because, before we realize precious years may go by. We, the senior class of high school announce our commencement ceremony.
It's a Graduation Day and I am very happy to announce I am graduate now.
Just couldn't hold myself back from sharing the good news with you.. I am now a Graduate!

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