Last Updated: 13 November, 2020

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get together with your family, friends, and dear ones and appreciate them for whatever they've done for you. This is when you express your gratitude to those wonderful people who've showered their love and warmth on you and supported you all throughout. What better way to give thanks than by providing them with a gift that will create a lasting memory? 

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Him

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Him
Gourmet food: 
  • Your boyfriend, spouse, brother, or friend may love to eat gourmet food to stay fit and healthy. So, this Thanksgiving, get your dear ones a whole smoked turkey which can serve as a delightful treat for their holiday dinner.

  • Alternatively, you can gift a bottle of cranberry chutney made of ingredients like cranberries, sugar, cider, spices, vegetable gums, apples, and other items.

  • One of the Thanksgiving gift ideas for boyfriends, husbands, brothers, or friends is a jar of chocolate covered cranberries. These cranberries come in different flavors such as dark chocolate, white silk, and milk chocolate, which your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

  • An interesting idea for Thanksgiving gifts for husband, boyfriend, brother, or friend is a pumpkin kringle made of caramel or cheese. The pumpkin caramel kringle comes with a delicious mix of pumpkin, caramel, and spices whereas the pumpkin cheese kringle is a blend of pumpkin pie filling and cream cheese.


Harvest fruit assortment: 
  • Gift a box filled with harvest fruit assortment to your dear ones on Thanksgiving. Such a box includes juicy oranges, apples, ripe kiwis, and other fruits which when combined together can help prepare a delicious fruit mix. 

Harvest fruit assortment

Wine gifts: 
  • Get your loved ones some of the best wines in the world on this festive occasion. Look for a wine gift basket that may include branded wines and goodies like chocolate crisp cookies, wine crackers, smoked salmon, dry roasted peanuts, seasoned pretzels, and cheese straws.

Wine gifts

Fireplace tools and log holder sets: 
  • Gift your loved ones a fireplace tool and log holder set crafted with solid steel that comes with graphite powder coating. The shelves of the fireplace tool and log holder set offer enough space to keep the logs, the daily newspaper, or magazines. The set may also include a brush, a shovel, and some tongs. 

Fireplace tools and log holder sets

Gifts for Her

  •  Gift your girlfriend, wife, sister, or friend a bounty of blossoms that reflect the colors of Fall – red, orange, and gold. Flowers are those Thanksgiving gifts that help capture the true spirit of this holiday.

  • You may choose an elegant arrangement of red roses and orange Asiatic lilies for your girlfriend or wife. Such a gift often comes with two dark red taper candles placed in between the flowers and this can create an elegant centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

  • If you would like to offer gifts to your friend or sister, go for a delightful arrangement of bronze button spray chrysanthemums and yellow sunflowers with oak leaves and eucalyptus as fillers. 


Chocolate dipped strawberries: 
  • Your sister may love to savor chocolate covered strawberries. So, one of the Thanksgiving gift ideas for her is a box of strawberries dipped in dark chocolates. It's a great way to thank your loved one and add sweetness to your relationship with her.

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Scented candles: 
  • Gift your loved ones a set of colored scented pillar candles made of hand-poured paraffin wax that comes with a charming scent.

  • An interesting idea is to look for taper candles that are shaped like harvest corn. You may also choose floating candles that are available as a cluster of red, green, and yellow Fall leaves.

  • Alternatively, you may select a carved pumpkin candle that is hand painted and tied with a raffia ribbon.

Scented candles

Hand Embroidered Table Runner:
  •  Let your dear ones decorate their tables in bright and festive colors by gifting them a hand-embroidered table runner. You may choose a table runner that comes with a traditional Turkish Suzani design. Such a gift can make a brilliant décor for your home, and your loved ones are sure to like it! 

Hand Embroidered Table Runner

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Family

Sweet treats:
  •  Gift your family sweet treats like pumpkin pie cheesecakes, vanilla cheesecakes, pecan tarts, and turtle brownies. The creamy cheesecakes with no sugar added are just ideal for those who avoid taking in sugary food. The brownies, however, come with a lot of sugar as they are made of chocolate fudge, toasted pecans, and sweet caramels. You may also delight your dear ones with crunchy pecans encircled by moist pastry shells.

Sweet treats

Reed diffusers for home fragrance: 
  • One of the Thanksgiving gifts for family members is a reed diffuser that adds a fresh, aromatic fragrance to your home. Reed diffusers are a great alternative when you don't want to burn candles in presence of babies or pets at your home. Such a diffuser is filled with aromatherapy oil, and reeds are placed inside it. The reeds take in the oil and release the fragrance into the air.

home fragrance

Festive table centerpieces: 
  • A family dinner table can look its best when adorned with an elegant centerpiece which includes an arrangement of fresh evergreen accents, pinecones, faux berries, and colored pillar candles. Such a centerpiece can make a perfect Thanksgiving gift for families.

  • If you're looking to bring cheer to your family with homemade Thanksgiving gifts, well then you may use glass containers like vases, stemware, glasses, and hurricane lamps to create festive centerpieces. Place a votive, pillar, or tapered candle into each container.

  • Fill the containers with walnuts or hazelnuts. This centerpiece will make a great family gift for Thanksgiving. 

home fragrance

Thanksgiving Cornucopia: 
  • The cornucopia, being a Thanksgiving symbol, can make an interesting gift for this occasion. Whether your family members are far away or nearer, a cornucopia of elegant flowers and fresh fruits is sure to delight them.

  • You may choose a cornucopia of bright sunflowers, red daisies, and lush orange roses with magnolia leaves and other green accents. Alternatively, you may choose flowers like burgundy carnations and orange roses along with dried wheat and fresh greens. 

  • An interesting choice for a cornucopia is an arrangement of fresh fruits, natural gourds, pumpkins, and maple leaves. Get your family this exciting gift and express your bountiful love.

Thanksgiving cornucopia

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Kids and Teenagers

Chocolates and chocolate flavored treats: 
  • Let kids celebrate this festive season by gifting them a box of gourmet pumpkin truffles flavored with spices and dipped in pure milk chocolates. A box of gourmet chocolate turtle caramel apples can also make a tasty treat and add to a kid's delight.

  • Kids may enjoy turkey-shaped chocolates that will make a delicious dessert for Thanksgiving. Just make sure you wrap the chocolates in cellophane. You should also tie an orange ribbon around the cellophane for a festive look.

Chocolates and chocolate flavored treats

Personalized sweatshirts:
  •  Kids and teenagers may love to receive sweatshirts that feature a Thanksgiving turkey and other symbols associated with this festival. So, this can make a good choice for Thanksgiving gifts for kids and teenagers.

Personalized sweatshirts

Craft supplies:
  • Gift kids and teenagers a collection of craft supplies which can keep them busy on this festive occasion. They'll not only find the activities interesting but also learn about Thanksgiving Day crafts like paper turkeys, cornucopia, and other decorative items.

Craft supplies

Thanksgiving books: 
  • This festive occasion has a story of its own. Let kids know the story by getting them a Thanksgiving-themed book. 

Thanksgiving books

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Parents

Personalized poem for parents:  
  • Give thanks to your dad and mom and make them feel special on this occasion by gifting them a photo frame that is personalized with their photo and a poem you have written for them.   

Personalized poem for parents

Home Décor Items:
  • Get your mom a ceramic turkey platter adorned with warm harvest colors and personalized with your name and that of your siblings or kids. In addition, a special message can be engraved on the platter. In this way, you can express your gratitude to your mom and dad and your kids can do the same to their grandparents.

  • Another present that can be offered to your parents is a topiary decorated with sunflowers, miniature pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and green fillers. This can make an elegant home décor item for this festive occasion.

Home décor items

Coffee Gifts: 
  • If your parents love coffee, provide them with a gift basket which comprises different brands of coffee, two travel mugs, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and almondina biscotti. It will be a great treat for this festive season. 

Corporate Thanksgiving Gift Ideas 

Thank you plaque: 
  • Whether it's your employee, co-worker, or boss, show your gratitude on this special day with a plaque customized with a thank you message.

  • Such a plaque may come with an engraved design of a cornucopia brimming with fruits and flowers. This can make an adorable keepsake for years to come! 

Healthy gift box:
  •  Get your employees, business associates, or colleagues a gift box full of granola bars, fruit snacks, organic coconut bar, pepper tortilla chips, and healthy juices. This can be considered as an interesting corporate gift for Thanksgiving.

Healthy gift box

Nuts collection:
  • One of the gift ideas for Thanksgiving is a mixed nuts collection comprising cashew nuts, shelled pistachio nuts, and blanched almonds.

  • To add value to this gift item, you may select cashew nuts covered with dark chocolate, Swiss milk chocolates, or creamy white chocolates.

Nuts collection

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Love


Bouquet of flowers adorned with roses, jasmine, velvet, lilies are the perfect embodiment of love. Be it the Valentine's Day or Anniversary or Thanksgiving Day, Flowers help lovers in expressing their love, caress and affection.

Gift Basket:

Tradition of presenting a gift basket is fast catching. It's not just one or not two but the assortment of flowers. Gift basket goodies can consist of chocolates, cookies, wine bottle, fruits, dry fruits and a love greeting card.


Jewelry of Diamonds, Pearls, Gold, Platinum, Precious stones, Silver and other precious metal are very popular gift items. Gift it to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife and for sure she will love it.

Coffee Mugs:

For very much in love, lovey-dovey couples, big coffee mugs with their name initials engraved on it is a perfect gift. Attractive coffee mugs come in various colors, shapes and sizes.


Surprise your sweetheart by gifting him/her, their favorite fragrance. Perfumes are a nice way to put forth your admiration and captivate someone's imagination. There are perfumes available in various fragrances in the market. One can easily catch hold of a perfume of their choice.


Who doesn't love chocolates? No one. So why not pamper the love of your life with some delicious chocolates. Chocolates being aphrodisiacs can stir up the passions and set your love back on fire.