Types of Rakhis

Rakhi is a wonderful festival which seeks to celebrate the relationship between a brother and a sister. This festival is celebrated differently in different parts of India yet the ritual of tying a Rakhi or an amulet to seek protection 'Raksha' remains the same all over the country. In earlier days women would tie a coarse piece of cloth with a stone tied round the center, around their brothers wrist or arm.

Gradually they moved to simple cotton threads and then of course the more colorful and softer embroidery threads.

During the Mughal era, Rajput royalty used rakhis made out of Gold or Silver while the common man used bronze or copper rakhis. Thanks to the surge in marketing techniques, today we have a rather large range of Rakhis to choose from.

Flower Rakhi

Sometimes this Rakhi comes with original Flower however it doesn't last too long in that case. Usually the flower on the Rakhi is a simple Gerbera Daisy and for the likes of the flashy ones there are some with a showy Orchis……..read more..

Stone Rakhi

Have an exotic look about them and are also linked to an ancient Indian superstition of using certain stones to ward away feelings of hatred, jealousy and vanity……..read more

Metal Rakhis

Metal Rakhis are very popular amongst the Indian festival circles, primarily of the wide range which makes it possible to provide something to suit everyone's budget. Also the fact that they are easily available adds to their popularity……..read more

Gold and silver Rakhi

The carat of the gold and silver determines how expensive your Rakhi will be. So if you are willing to compromise on that you can purchase a rather affordable Gold Rakhi to make your brother feel special...read more

Rakhi Bracelets

Men these days seem to be getting quiet as picky as women and some of the younger brothers might outright refuse to wear the Traditional Rakhi for more than 5 minutes. This is where the Rakhi Bracelets come into the picture……..read more

Resham Rakhis

Rakhis made out of silk are the most popular kind of Rakhis. All Traditional Rakhis are usually made out of silk or silk thread. Of course they are topped up with a plastic flower or a metal idol of Lord Ganesha but the basic material of the Rakhi is silk……..read more

Last Updated: 23rd July, 2018