Metal Rakhis

Metal Rakhis are very popular amongst the Indian festival circles, primarily of the wide range which makes it possible to provide something to suit everyone's budget. Also the fact that they are easily available adds to their popularity. However that is not to say that metal rakhis are inexpensive, sure there are some which are light on the wallet but then there are others which sell only about 50 pieces every season. Lets take a look at the different types of metal Rakhi.

Types of Metal Rakhis

Copper Rakhis-: Copper was the first metal known to some of the oldest civilization. Needless to say it has had a long and rich history. There were times when it was really expensive but that no longer so. Copper is easily available and at a very affordable price at that. Therefore, Copper Rakhis too are abundantly produced and are sold at extremely low rates. This makes the Rakhi accessible to even the daily wage earners giving them a chance to participate in this wondrous festival. Copper Rakhis can be brought off the vendors who set up stalls at the local market place, as Rakhi draws near, every year.

Silver Rakhis

Silver Rakhis have had a role to play in history is well. It is commonly said that the Rakhi that the amulet that was tied around King Porous's arm by Alexander's wife was made out of silver. Silver was popular with the Mughal and Rajput royalty as well albeit not as popular as Gold. However Silver Rakhis are rather sought after these days. They are not as affordable as the Copper Rakhis but still fit into the range of the average middle class Indian. Silver rakhis are usually available at jewelers. Even the smaller jewelers make sure they stock Silver Rakhis as they are sure to be sold out in anticipation of the festive season.

Gold Rakhis

Gold is one of the most precious metals. It is said to have qualities which make the person who adorns it look radiant. Little wonder then why Cleopatra is considered one of the most radiant women ever, seeing as how she covered herself in gold every chance she got. Nevertheless, Gold Rakhis are popular in their own right though not everyone can afford them. This is the reason why lesser Gold Rakhis are sold each year than the silver rakhis. You'll usually find Gold Rakhis in the high-end jewelry shops and even then there'll be limited pieces and designs.

Metal Rakhis are usually gifted along with some Rakhi sweets in keeping with the Rakhi tradition .