Gold Rakhi

Gold has been associated with great sanctity throughout history. Therefore its not hard to believe that Gold Rakhis are considered very precious not only because of the value of the metal but because it's a way of saying that your relationship as a brother and sister is sterling, as precious as gold.

They are usually small bracelets with some kind of divine motif in the center, generally a picture of Lord Ganesha engraved into the metal. You can even personalize it by inscribing a personal message on the back of the Gold Rakhi.

White Gold Rakhi

  • White gold refers to an alloy of gold and other white metals. Contrary to popular belief it is not the same as Platinum but is equally precious and more expensive than regular gold. Therefore a white gold Rakhi is bound to be very expensive. Such rakhis cannot be bought all year round but go on display only for a couple of weeks before the Rakhi day.
  • Both gold rakhis and white gold rakhis can be purchased from good jewelers. But do ensure that you ask the jeweler to give you a certificate of purity so that the Rakhi has a good resale value.
  • Gold is considered extremely auspicious in India and has long been associated with Gods. Therefore a gold Rakhi in many ways works like a divinity Rakhi gift. Though you may like to remember that whether you give your brother a Flower Rakhi or a Resham Rakhi,at the end of the day he will appreciate it all because it's the thought that counts.