Last Updated: 6th August, 2019

Rakhi Gift Ideas

Someone rightly said "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life."
Though you might share a bitter-sweet sibling rivalry with your sister, she is still the sweetest person around, isn't she? And now that the festival of Rakshabandhan is here, she deserved to be spoilt silly, and while she is busy spending hours picking the best Rakhi for you, we hope that you are equally prepared with a gift for her.

If you haven't got a chance to do so, fret not, because we are sharing with you some great gifting ideas that will bring an instant smile on your sister's face!

Rakhi gift ideas for sister

They are the sweetest, aren't they? From hiding all your secrets to helping you with all that mischief, sisters would usually stand by you! We are listing three gift ideas, one each for your kid sister, younger sister and married sister. The best gifts or these lovely souls could be:

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sister

Gift ideas for kid sister

  • The way to a young girl's heart has been the same for ages. Yes!! Dolls!! The latest dolls available in the market are the Barbie Collectibles. Among them the ones to woo your sister would be the City Shine Barbie, Homecoming Queen Barbie, and the Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie. The Wizard of Oz Fantasy doll Glinda is also a current rage with young girls. Talking Dolls with laughing and crying features are also a favourite among girls.
  • You can seal the deal with a matching outfit for the Barbie and your sister.
Rakhi Gift ideas for kid sister

Gift ideas for young sister

Crystal Jewellery:

Young girls love dressing up and experimenting with new designs and trends. You can pick up an assortment of crystal jewellery from Swarovski like rings, rings and even a single crystal studded bangle!

Raksha Bandhan Gift ideas for young sister

Gift ideas for married sister

A White-Gold Bracelet:

A bracelet in white gold or any other precious metal would stay with your married sister for a very long time. You can pick from a wide range of options either at your local jeweller or purchase it from an online store.

Gift ideas for married sister

Rakhi gift ideas for brother

While Rakshabandhan usually revolves around sisters, brothers deserve a gift equally and you can pick up from the one's listed here..

Gift ideas for kid brother

A cool sports kit:

If you have a school going brother, a cool sports kit, is going to be a big hit with him! You can pick up a cricket /football kit. Along with the essentials you can also include a cool cap, sippers, wrist band and shoes!

Gift ideas for young brother

A swanky watch:

Imagine the joy when he receives his favourite watch! You can pick from a classic design to a swankier one depending on his taste!

Gift ideas for married brother

A Polaroid Camera:

An Instant Polaroid camera would make a perfect gift for your gadget obsessed brother, as she sets out to click the world!

Rakhi gift ideas for sister in law

A unique tradition practiced by many on Rakshabandhan is to tie rakhi to their sisters-in law (bhabhi) and these calls for presenting your sweet sis-in-law with some gifts as well. Pick up from the ones below

Tasteful Attire:

You can gift your sis-in-law a beautiful garment on this day. You can pick from tasteful traditional attire like a saree to a more modern maxi dress.

A Beautiful Ring:

For your sweet sister-in-law you can pick a beautiful ring in rose gold. It would be way different from the normal metals and would actually dazzle everyone around!

Rakhi gift ideas for others

If your home is surrounded with kids, these gifts ideas would make perfect sense on Rakshabandhan!

A Cosmetic Gift Hamper:

You can include creams, lotions, bath salts, scrubs et al in this hamper and present it to your sister.

A Chocolate and Cheese Hamper:

This hamper would be an instant favourite with your sister. Pick from a wide variety of dark and sweet chocolates along with assorted cheeses in this hamper!

Sweet Hamper:

This hamper would be perfect for Rakshabandhan and you can include traditional sweets like laddoos and other mithai along with cupcakes, tarts and brownies.


If you plan to gift a more personal gift, an idol of lord Ganesha would be ideal.

Cool ideas for selecting rakhi gifts

  • Restrict to your budget. Feelings are more important than the cost of your gift.
  • Gift should be trendy and good quality . Rakhi gift is not a gift but a reflection of your emotions and feelings.
  • Go for a gift your sibling wants to buy for a long time. Surprise by making his/her wish come true.
  • Do consider the choice of your sibling - his/her hobbies etc