Photo Gift Ideas for her

Personalized photo gifts are an excellent way to convey your warm wishes to your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.

A photograph is a timeless gift that will let your friends and family share in fond memories every time they look at it. Read on to see some ideas for photo gifts that you can offer to your loved ones for each important event in their lives.These are only a few of the adorable personalized photo gifts that your friends and family will love.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle:

This photo gift will be perfect for young and old alike. Choose a picture that holds special meaning for the person who will receive the gift. Let them connect the pieces and find out what the picture is all about.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo Frame with Stickers:

Find a nice photo frame, and then decorated it with ribbons and stickers featuring your loved one's favorite activities. If you have a talent for the arts, you could mold your own frame out of clay or paint beautiful patterns on a wooden one.

Photo Frame with Stickers

Personalized Photo Key Rings:

Should you go online and browse for photo gifts, you'll find a variety of key rings that you can personalize with the photograph of your choice. This would indeed be a unique and meaningful gift for a friend or family member.

Personalized Photo Key Rings

Photos Etched in Glass:

There are many etched glass products available online that can be personalized with photos of your loved ones. For example, you could buy a glass cube or other shape and have your loved one's image laser-etched into it. Such an object often comes with a cute presentation box, and can be an ideal photo gift for an engagement, anniversary, or wedding.

Photos Etched in Glass

Photo Cushion or Pillow:

You can place your order online to have your photos printed on special cushions or pillows. Include a heartfelt message for the recipient, and present it with the gift.

Photo Cushion or Pillow

Personalized Coffee Mug:

A coffee mug is one of the best places to have a meaningful photo engraved or printed. This way, your loved one can start the morning thinking of their favorite memories while taking a sip of hot coffee.

Coffee Mug

Photo Flower Vase:

Who doesn't love a gift of beautiful flowers on a special occasion? If you're looking for an elegant gift for someone, get them a wonderfully crafted ceramic flower vase. You can then have a meaningful image and/or message carved or printed on the surface. This can make the perfect gift for celebrations like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or even a birthday.

Photo Flower Vase

Personalized Golf Ball Set:

It's easy to order customized golf balls online. All you have to do is specify the image and add-ons that you'd like, and you can have it done just the way you want. This can be the ideal gift for birthdays and for Father's Day, or as a special gift for anyone who loves the game!

Personalized Golf Ball Set

Custom Photo Apparel:

The best way to get clothing with personalized photos is to look online and see what's available. Once you choose an item, you can upload the photo of your loved one and have it printed on the gift. To add a personal touch, include a caption and add a customized border.

Photo Cupcake Wrappers:

These will make an excellent gift for a birthday or a graduation party. They can be easily found and customized online, using whatever photo is the cutest! The cupcake wrappers will usually come in different colors, to make the gift look even more attractive.

Photo Cupcake Wrappers

It can be hard to find a unique gift these days, so pick out the best photo gift and give a present that's sure to be like nothing else! Giving them a meaningful photo, along with a fond message, will allow your friends and family to treasure these memories for all time.

Last Updated: 28th June, 2017