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  • Your principal goal is to make the child feel very special. The second most important task is to ensure that everyone is enjoying the birthday party. The children will only remember as to whether they had fun and not whether the house was spotless or whether you choose the birthday party theme down to the last tiny detail.

  • Next step is to sit down with your child and find out what type of party he or she wants. Then determine your budget, creativity and your energy can deliver the type of birthday party your child wants.

  • You cannot be in two places at one time. For example, you canít play musical chairs, cut the cake and direct the people at the same time. So choose one more adult to help you at the birthday party.

  • Birthday parties are a great opportunity to reinforce the good manners that are lurking deep within your preschooler. Donít wait till the day of the birthday party. Start from the moment you write the invitations

  • There is nothing more destructive than a group of preschoolers with nothing to do. So you need to keep them occupied from the moment they arrive at the birthday party until the last guest leaves. Itís not as hard as it sounds. Put some toys that your kids are willing to share so that the early arrivals can play with them, while you wait for others.

  • If the kids are getting too wild, then narrate to them a short story. Gather everybody in a circle and tell them a story. Another way to quiten them is to give them a simple craft project to do.

  • If you plan to give out birthday party favors, make sure that they are age appropriate for your guests. These favors also tend to break away easily, so please be careful.

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