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Here are some tips for the party food planning:

Plan Your Food
Planning for a party food, to a great extent depends upon the time of the day for the party. For example if you are going for mid morning or mid afternoon, then snacks will be fine. Think how much does your kid eat during that time of the day. Donít forget about various allergies that kids have. Please prepare as much food as possible in advance so that you get time to have fun with your kids.

Discuss about the party food that your child would like to have on his/her special day. If you are having a party theme, then this may well dictate your party food.

Whether To Bake Or Not To Bake

Ask yourself about how much time you have, how good are your cooking skills and what is your budget. Bring such party food that tends to be mixture of both shop bought and homemade party food. Buy such foodstuff that has a long shelf life or are freezable so that there is less wastage.

Make proper sitting arrangements for the kids. You can lay a big mat where all the kids will sit and have some sort of an indoor picnic.

Will the parents be staying back for the party? One does not generally cater for the adults but if you have time then prepare one food item that is more adult appropriate.

At the end if you donít feel like cooking for the family please make sure that you have something already cooked.


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