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I Spy Eagle Eye From Briarpatch
This Spy Eagle Eye From Briarpatch is a great fun for kids. The aim of this game is to find a picture with your eagle eye. There are various objects placed on your game board. As soon as you spot the object on the board, which matches the object on your card, you have to ring the bell. The first one to ring the bell wins the game.

I Spy Preschool Game

The main aim of this game is to match the riddles with pictures. Once you have done so, you just have to connect the interlocking picture and riddle together. This is a great game for young kids and the level of difficulty can ramped, as they grow older.

I Spy Bingo Game
In this game if you get four of the I Spy pictures in a row and shout Bingo, you win the game. This is an ideal game for kids as it encourages their reading skills and also improves verbal ability.

I Spy In Common Game

I Spy In Common involves finding the common objects on the tiles. The corresponding tiles have to be placed in a row on the game board.
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