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Looth Tooth

I've got a looth tooth
that wigglth and jigglth and wrigglth.
I move it around
but it never comth out of my mouth.
I pull it, I yank it,
I twirl it, I thpank it,
but it jutht never theems
to want to come out
of ith houth.

I'd call the Tooth Fairy,
but she'th kinda thcary,
Tho I thtill cannot theem to be free
of thith wiggly looth tooth,
that to tell you the truth,
ith makin' a thap outa me.

I'm going to give it
one thuper thtrong yank,
cuth I really could uthe thome money.
Great Scott! It's out! At last, it's out!
But now I'm talking funny.

The Ghost With The Most

"Boo! Boo Hoo!",
cried the ghost with the most.
No one comes to visit me,
though I'm the perfect host.

I decorate with cobwebs,
sweep the spiders under the rug,
Yet no one ever offers me
a kind word or a hug.

I don't know what the reason is.
I don't know what could cause it,
'Cause I always, yes I always
keep my skeletons in the closet.

Sure, I may look scary
but if someone really knew me,
they wouldn't be afraid
'cause they could see
right through me.

Shoo! Shoes! Shoo!

Clickety, clackety, clackety click.
My noisy shoes just make me sick.

I can't get away with stuff since I got 'em.
(I guess that's why my mother bought 'em.)

When I try to creep to the cookie jar,
I never make it very far.

When I try to slink up and scare my cat,
I'm busted in two seconds flat.

When I try to slip in late from school
My parents know I broke their rule.

I can't play cop and look for clues.
I can't get any secret news.

I never win at hide and seek.
These shoes make me a lousy sneak!

I can't tickle my dad when he's taking a snooze.
I hate these lousy, noisy shoes!

Clackety Clickety, Clickety Clack!
(That was the sound of me taking them back).


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