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When You're Sick Or In The Hospital
Illness is very upsetting for anybody and especially for young children. But this book takes the sick child away from the strange, scary and often lonely world of illness and hospitalization. It offers comfort and peace to the child. The little elves that are marked on the pages of this book present creative ways for the sick child to have fun, stay connected with the family and friends and help themselves heal.

Beck 'n Call Bell!
This bell is a lovely item to include in the basket. You can give your voice some rest with the help of this bell. So whenever you need something just ring this lovely 4-inch bell. It is presented in a vellum bag with the quote:

When you’re feeling down and out
There’s no need to call or shout.
Take good care, and just get well
Use this gift – a ‘beck ‘n call’ bell.

To Keep In Your Pocket

This set of five beautiful pocket charms is casted in pewter and comes in a green organza bag with words of encouragement when you need most of it.
Vellum slip reads:

A Heart, to remind you that you are loved,
A Peace Sign, for hope,
An Acorn, for your continued strength,
An Angel, to watch over you,
The World, because you make it a better place.
A small gift with a lot of meaning...


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