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Candyland: Its an ideal game for the small children who are still learning to read and count. The object is to find the King of Candyland. Candyland is appropriate for children up to age of three and above.

Chutes and Ladders: Play this game on a checkered board with ladders connecting various squares. The objective of this game is to reach the end of the board. Chutes and ladders game is also known as Snakes and Ladders and is appropriate for the children up to the age of three.

High Ho! Cherry-O: This game is perfect for the children up to three who want to improve their writing skills when they spin the wheel and attempt to become the first player to collect a full basket of ten cherries from their tree and earn the privilege of shouting out High Ho! Cherry-O

Hungry Hungry Hippos: This game board has four hippos on it. In order to play this game the players push their hippos tail to make it collect marbles with its mouth. The player with most marbles wins. Two to four players can join in this game.

Operation: This game helps children develop hand-eye coordination by turning children into doctors who have to operate on the ailing patient. Operation is designed for children up to age of six and above. Operation also comes in Shrek and Homer Simpson Editions.

Mouse Trap: The objective of this crazy game is that it challenges the kids up to six and above to use and improve their reasoning skills to outplay their opponent and be the last mouse standing.

To make sure that children reap the highest benefit from these board games, the Federal government regulates the toy industry to make sure that the toys are appropriate for the kids of different age levels. Before you purchase a board game, make sure you check the age label.
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