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Rainbow Rollers Race Cars
These cars provide hours of speedway fun. You can start the car from the top of rainbow track and watch them gain momentum as they race towards the edge. If the speed of the car is right, then the cars will flip over the edge and race down to the next level. This set includes 4-tier hardwood roadway and four colorful wooden racecars.

Dirt Pie Baking Kit
Kids will adore making this delicious dirt pie. One can use the chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie crumbs and gummi worms to make a yummy treat. This kit comes in a wonderful cello wrapped plastic flowerpot and includes a shovel and a colorful pinwheel flower.

Sound And Lights School Bus From Little Tikes
This bus features five cute, removable plastic figures and a button that activates lights and plays a melody. This exercise helps in increasing childís gross motor skills and teach cause-and-effect with this wood and plastic school bus.

Dot-To-Dot Art To Go Kit

Young busy artists are ready to go with a bucket full of kids art supplies packed in a durable, portable storage bag. It includes 8 crayons, 3 jumbo chalks, sponge brush, 6 fine tip markers, 3 paint brushes and paper scissors while 3 poster paints fit right inside the plastic tub.


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