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Traditional Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming party brings good wishes and friendship to warm the new home and thoughtful gifts to fill the rooms. In earlier times, what was considered an appropriate housewarming gift depended on the generation. However, the most common was an apple pie, dozen eggs, side of bacon, or a sack of flower.

Lately, traditions have changed over the years with regard to house warming parties, ideas, and gifts.
Today, housewarming gifts include quality decor like a set of great sounding wind chimes, plants, and personalized gifts that rule the day.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts comes from a traditional housewarming poetry that gives a detailed content of the housewarming gifts. It consists of Bread-depicts that you will never go hungry; Wine-depicts that your life will always be sweet; Salt-depicts that there will always be spice in your life; And a Candle-depicting that you will always have light. Sometimes, Sugar is also given that symbolizes the hope for sweet life.

The bread and salt tradition comes from primitive Russian folk custom. During this period, when the emperor and empress would pay a visit to a village, merchants and gentry would present their esteemed guests with a round loaf of bread piled with salt, a sign of hospitality.

Peasants were honored using a similar ceremony upon being introduced to the village with their new spouse, with the gift of bread and salt signifying that the new couple would always have the necessities of life. When given at housewarmings, therefore, bread and salt represent the giver's wish that the recipient's pantry will always be full. offers you an insight into the Traditional Housewarming Gifts that necessarily consists of traditional good luck things for prosperous life. While choosing your Housewarming Gifts, do remember to include at least one of the Traditional thing into it.

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