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Planning a Housewarming Party

Buying a new house is an exciting event. And a housewarming party is a wonderful way to celebrate your new home with family and friends. The tradition of housewarming parties probably began with cavemen bringing embers from their fire to their friends new cave to 'warm' the hearth. In the same way is the Planning for a Housewarming Party.

Planning a Housewarming Party is a meticulous task. There is so much to plan for the party night.
Though, you do not need to wait until every room is painted, every decoration hung to invite your family, friends and new neighbors over for your Housewarming Party! Unpacking everything and setting everything is a continuous process, so you can invite your family and friends whenever you are ready to celebrate.

Plan for a Housewarming Party Theme. Most guests do come up with a gift and hence, you can incorporate this into your Housewarming Theme like a color theme, for example, everyone can bring something green-towels, plants, pillows, etc. Another great idea is to go with an Item Theme, like if you like assorted dinnerware or collect wineglasses, perhaps-everyone can bring one item from that theme.

Then comes the Invitation. Invite personally all your guests. Now its about Planning for Housewarming Decoration. Everyone in your party will be much more interested in seeing your new home than wanting to look at decorations, hence, keep it very simple. Few balloons, a tablecloth on the dining table, and a welcome banner makes the best decoration. Other than that, a couple of burning candles and some fresh flowers are elegant, aromatic and lovely. Just do not forget to get paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery to avoid the aftermath trouble of washing and cleaning!

While Planning a Housewarming Party, how can you forget the delicious and luscious food? Finger foods work great for the Housewarming Party. You will remain so busy greeting and welcoming everyone that you will not want to go sit-down dinner. Hence, food like little tea sandwiches, fruit and vegetable trays, and appetizers like stuffed mushrooms will avoid the mess and will be great. It is funny and interesting idea to greet your guests with little surprise food as they tour the new place. offers you interesting and marvelous ideas on Planning a Housewarming Party.

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