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Housewarming Wishes

You have got the keys to your dream home and planning to move into it. You also want to share your happiness with your pals, family and relatives. This is the most cherished occasion when the dream of your own home comes true. Housewarming is the time for celebration and merrymaking. However, in the midst of merrymaking and enjoyment, one must not forget the Housewarming Etiquette.
Housewarming Etiquette involves the various aspects not only during the party but also before the party. Proper and suitable Housewarming Etiquette helps your guests to be comfortable and at ease. It allows them to enjoy the Housewarming Party. There are numerous points that boggle while mind while you host a Housewarming Party or you are attending one.

For the host, Housewarming etiquette is to provide correct address of your new place—with your full name, house number, name of the apartment and lane, correct route with the convenient vehicles, and the nearest location for spotting the place. You should always remember the fact that your friends and family are coming for the first time to your new place and hence, they should not face any problems in the way. The information should be printed on the Housewarming Invitations itself.

For the guests, the most important thing that bewilders and irritates them is whether they should take the gift for the Housewarming Party or not? Housewarming Etiquette explains that the hosts should not expect a gift whereas the guest should bring one with himself. No doubt, parties like baby shower, wedding shower, engagement shower, bridal shower or college send-of party requires a mandatory gift, still for housewarming, a bottle of champagne or fine wine or any other gift ‘with love’ will be the most welcomed. offers you an insight into the Housewarming Etiquette. Always keep in mind the intent and content of any party and you will never breach any etiquette. Send across smiles with Housewarming Etiquette.

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