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Housewarming Party Theme

You have completed most of your hectic and stressful shifting to a new place. Now is the time for some fun making, entertainment and enjoyment. It is time for some relaxation! Hence, is the time to throw a bashful Housewarming Party with a Housewarming Party Theme for extra jubilation and create the euphoria of happiness everywhere.

A Party Theme allows the activities of the guests to be organized around a particular idea or motif. Themes bring focus and added excitement.
It can be as simple as color themes to as elaborate as a Victorian Era theme for a costume party. Here we for you different and exciting themes to be incorporated in Housewarming Party Themes while you try to rest and unwind for some time. Check it out:

  • Fancy Dress Costume: This theme appeals most of the guests as well as children as they are requested to wear a certain specific kind of dress like those of fairies, movie characters, historical personages, pirates, gangsters and so on.
  • Character Theme Parties: These parties provide wealth of imagery form. This requires guests to dress up as any specific character from classic cinema or television like that of Romeo or Juliet, Superman, Spider, Casper and so on. This is excellent theme for in fact any party.
  • Traditional Theme: These themes include national or ethnic dress combinations like that of Italian or Japanese themed celebration. In such parties, guests are not themselves but they are the members of the culture and tradition around the world.
  • Funny or Clown Theme: In these parties are dressed like clowns and different animals. These parties are very lively and cheerful. The guests have happy-go-lucky attitude in these parties.
  • Color Theme: This party has a single color as the theme of the party. The color is usually specified by the host and forms the favorite color scheme of the host.
  • Item Theme: Another great idea is to go with an Item Theme, like if you like assorted dinnerware or collect wineglasses, perhaps-everyone can bring one item from that theme. This is a little different from other themes. However, the gifts become similar for this kind of theme party.
  • Themed Party Food: Apart from all those above, hosts can celebrate Housewarming Themes with décor and special dishes. Such parties provide traditional meals and food themed on a certain culture. These parties are delicious and tongue ticklers. It also enables guests to venture out new customs and traditions through food. offers large array of different, interesting and thrilling Housewarming Party Themes for you to choose from. So, make any one your party theme and entertain your guests on your Housewarming Celebrations!
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