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Housewarming Party Activities

Housewarming is the special event of stepping into the new beginning of your life. The keys to your new abode is also key to your new acquired happiness, hope and tranquility. You move into a new place and there is Housewarming Party for all to celebrate. Hence, the precise reason for your friends, family and neighbors flocking over is 'Your New House'. So instead of trivia and movies, this is a time to keep the event focused on food, drink, merrymaking and other funny Housewarming Party Activity.
Make your Housewarming Party lively with Housewarming Party Activity. You will definitely not like your guests to doze off while others are touring your place. Hence, spruce up your new place and arrange for some spine tickling activities for the party! Housewarming Party Activity is necessary to add more fun, and jubilation to the party. In fact it brings passion and enthusiasm to the party.

The most extraordinary and unusual Housewarming Party is Wine tasting! Spice it up a bit by having a wine tasting activity specifically in the kitchen. Nobody needs to be an expert, just open four or six or eight bottles of Cabernets, Zinfandels, Merlots or possibly a Chardonnay. Then you stick it with a theme like California vineyards or go foreign; Showcase wines from Australia and Spain that are incredibly affordable and easily accessible at your favorite wine spot.

For an impressing situation and education, ask your guest to write down the important information about all the wines, including their price, and then hung it all around. The one who writes the maximum information and guesses the wine name correctly becomes the winner. Also arrange for the gift for the winner! Again, you can also arrange for short games or activity like icebreaker! Actually, Housewarming Party Activity is organized to enable the guests mingle with each other-know each other and be comfortable. offers you ideas on Housewarming Party Activity. So, there you all fun lovers, what are you waiting for? Select a unique activity for your Housewarming Party and introduce some fun into it.

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