Last Updated: 16th May, 2019

Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Day is one of the most memorable moments in the life of a student. It marks a transitory phase when the student culminates his or her academic career and begins the professional life. Some students may also opt for higher studies after getting their graduation certificate. But it is a day that comes once in a lifetime and it becomes all the more memorable when shared with family and friends. Like other important events that occur in one's life, people invite their family, friends and relatives to their Graduation Day party by sending out invitation. Earlier students used to invite their loved ones by sending them formal invitation cards or making a phone call. However, with the advancement of technology, new avenues have opened up such as sending them an email or invitation e-cards.

Graduation Party invitation tips and ideas

  • Graduation Day is a milestone in the life of a student; hence, the invitation that is sent to friends and loved ones should be perfect.

  • Do provide your guests with information through your invitation. Some of the essential details that you can provide in your invitation can be parties that are being held after the ceremony and commencement exercises. The graduation invitation will look a lot more better if you include the honors that you are graduating with. Do include the details; however, the display should be according to the style of the invitation. Parties can be either formal or they can be fun-filled.

  • You can use any creative style for your graduation invitation. There are many styles such as letter, card, leaflet etc.

  • On the invitation, prominent information should be displayed such as where the ceremony is being organized. You can also depict on the invitation the specialization that you are graduating in. You can either keep the invitation formal, or can use fun wording to make it informal.

  • Send the invitation to your guests days in advance, so that they have sufficient time to plan their schedule. It would be better if you can send your invitation at least two weeks in advance of your party.

  • Keep the invitation short. Life has become fast paced and nobody has time to read wordings. Ideally, the invitation should be between 10 to 15 words. It would be eye catching and put the message across.

  • Apart from eloquent wording, make it more visually appealing. This can be done by using photographs such as using images of the graduate during the various phases of his or her academic career.

  • Before preparing the guest list, check out with your school whether there is a limit on the number of guests that you can invite. There are a couple of schools where there is a limit on the number of guests. After this, make a list of the people who are close to you. There is a possibility that this list might get too long. So, filter it by zeroing on the people who are really close to you. For the ones who matter but have been left out due to constraint of space, you can always organize a graduation party after the ceremony and invite them.

  • You can always add a touch of creativity to your invitation in order to make it more interesting. Personalize it by using colorful and decorative materials.

  • You can use fancy themes for your invitation such as getting it made in the form of a diploma or any other style that you prefer.


Graduation Invitation Wording

Let's get together after 4 years of hard work & toil and toast the graduation. Congratulations (Graduate's name)

Venue ----------
Congratulations to everyone! Please join us for the graduation dinner party at the (Venue). We look forward to seeing you there!

We are proud to announce the Graduation of our son (Graduate's name).

Venue ----------
As the end to the high school draws closer, let's pause a bit to reflect upon moments of tears and joy. Time is going to separate us and we'll soon be headed in different directions but we'll always have our learned values with us

Join in the celebrations at (Venue)
(Date and Time)
As proud parents, we invite you all to the graduation ceremony of our daughter (Graduate's name). Please join us at a formal dinner at our residence.

Venue ----------
You are cordially invited to attend .............
graduation ceremony at ................ on …...............
Looking forward to your presence.
Our young young will be graduating on …..................
So please be there to join in our special moment
Graduate's name --------
Venue ----------
On ....... our little girl would be graduating with full honors.
Please be there and share in our joy.
Time and Date ….........
Venue …...........
To honor the achievement of our son we are organizing a Graduation party on ________ .
We eagerly look forward to your presence on this memorable day
Time and Date ---------------
Venue --------------
The time has come when our daughter would step into a new life.
We are organizing a party in her honor.
Hope to see you at …............ Graduation's Party
Time and Date --------
Venue ______
You are cordially invited
to attend the Graduation of
(Graduate's Name)
from Santa Clara University
on May seventeenth
Two thousand and thirteen
at three o’clock in the afternoon
No doubt about it, we're gonna shout about it!
Hip, hip hooray for the Graduate today!
You are invited to a Graduation Party
in honor of
(Graduate's Name)
on (Date)
at (Time)
Parent's Names)
(Parent' Names)
request the pleasure of your company
at a Graduation Party
in honor of
(Graduate's Name)
on (Date)
at (Time)
Please come celebrate!
We would be honored
if you could join us
for a Graduation Party
in honor of our daughter
(Graduate’s Name)
on (Day) at (Time)
RSVP by (Date) to (Parent's Names) on
(Telephone Number)
You are invited to celebrate
(Graduate’s Name)
recent graduation
from (School/College/University Name)
on (Date) at (Time)(Location)
RSVP by (Date) to (Parent's Names)
on (Telephone number)
Please come to a
Graduation Luncheon
held in honor of
(Graduate's Name)
on (Date) at (Time)
after the
(High School)
Commencement Ceremony
Please join us
for a party
as we celebrate
the recent graduation of
(Graduate's Name)