Last Updated: 3rd July, 2020

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony 2020

Graduation ceremony or convocation ceremony is the most delightful event in a student's life as it marks the end of the student life and beginning of a new episode of working adults or business tycoons. While preparing for the graduation event, following important points about the convocation ceremony should be kept in mind for a smooth sailing and memorable day.

What happens at a graduation ceremony?

While preparing for the graduation event, following important points about the convocation ceremony should be kept in mind for a smooth sailing and memorable day.

  • All graduands should register themselves at their respective colleges well before the date of the ceremony.

  • Graduands should reach the venue and be seated on the allocated place at least 60 min. prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

  • All guidelines and directions provided by the ceremony staff should be followed.

  • Contact the ceremony staff for any queries and assistance.

  • If you are delayed for the event, don't hesitate to contact the ceremony staff and inform about the same as soon as you arrive at the venue.

Happy Graduation Convocation Ceremony

What will happen On Stage:

  • The ceremony takes about 90 minutes.
  • All the guests and graduands stand while the Academic Cortege enters the Hall.
  • All graduands, guests and members of the Academic Cortege should remain in the standing position until the Dean sits down.
  • All the graduands and guests should remain seated for the Vice-Chancellor's welcome speech.
  • When the Head/President of the Academic Board announces, "Would the graduands please stand". All The graduands stand at their respective seats.
Graduation standing position

On the request of the Head/President of the Academic Board, Chancellor confers the awards saying, "On the certification of the President of the Academic Board, I confer the respective degrees, diplomas and certificates on the candidates...On behalf of the Senate, I offer my congratulations to you all."

Graduation Day Welcome Speech


The graduands now become graduates of the University. The President of the Academic Board asks the graduates to be seated.

  • Special awards, such as degrees of Honorary Doctorates or Higher Doctorates, are presented by the Chancellor.
Graduation Special Awards

  • The Vice-Chancellor/Executive Dean read a citation about accomplishments of the receiver of the award.
  • Ceremony staff now asks the graduates to stand and move towards the stage carrying their graduate presentation card, which are then handed over to the presenter at the lectern. Wait for your name to be announced and then walk towards the Chancellor. Graduates are then congratulated by the Chancellor on the stage.

  • When facing the Dean/Chancellor: Gently shake hands/ Gesture according to the culture followed by the college/university. Hold the cylinder in left hand; Walk straight ahead and get offstage.
Graduation shake hand

  • Photo is taken while you shake hands with the Chancellor. Once offstage, walk towards the table allocated in the far corner.
  • Inform the ceremony staff about your name and degree and collect your testamur and transcript. Return to your allocated seat in the hall.
  • Midway through the presentation, the Master of Ceremonies invites one of the graduates to give a ‘Farewell Speech'.
  • Once all graduates are presented by the Chancellor, the Master of Ceremonies invites the Guest Speaker to present a speech to the graduates.
  • On conclusion of the Guest Speaker Address, the Master of Ceremonies asks the graduates and guests to stand for the departure of the Academic Cortege. The graduates are asked to join the Academic Cortege as they take leave from the hall.

That's how the ceremony concludes.
Enjoy your Graduation Ceremony!!

What Graduation means?

A graduate is someone who has received a degree from a school. As a verb graduate refers to the act of receiving this degree

What is the purpose of Graduation ceremony?

  • Graduation is getting a diploma or academic degree Before the graduation, candidates are referred to as graduands.
  • The date of graduation is often called graduation day. The graduation ceremony itself is also called commencement, convocation or invocation.

How long should a Graduation ceremony be?

The ceremony takes about 90 minutes.

Why is Graduation called commencement?

We call it commencement because it marks the beginning of students' new lives in the world, the beginning of their professional life

How long is a Graduation speech?

Student graduation speeches usually range from 5-12 minutes. A principal would generally speak 15-20 minutes.

How many types of Graduation are there?

Generally speaking, there are two main types of master's degrees:
course-based (taught) and research-based.