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Graduation Caps

Graduation Caps

Graduation is a celebration of the end and the beginning. Mothers will smile with pride as sons and daughters make their way across center stage. And fathers will angle for position, getting their cameras closer for the perfect shot. It is a big day for everyone involved. A Graduation Cap, gown, and tassel are the perfect addition to kindergarten, grade school, junior high, high school and college ceremonies and particularly the Graduation Day.

The Graduation Caps or academic cap or square, is commonly known as the ‘mortarboard’. It is the symbol of academic session for three years. In some universities, it can be worn by graduates and undergraduates alike. It is a flat square cap or hat with a tassel suspended from a button in the top center of the board. The cap is usually worn parallel to the ground, though some students, especially women, wear it angled towards the back. The mortarboard may also be referred to as a trencher cap or simply trencher. In many universities, holders of doctorates wear a soft rounded headpiece known as a Tudor bonnet or tam, rather than a trencher.

Apart from Graduation Cap, there is an extensive collection of custom regalia options for the bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree holders who continue the cycle of education through teaching. And hence, the High School Graduation Cap. Graduation is both the final page of a long chapter in a student’s life, and the beginning of a whole new adventure. It is an emotional benchmark in their personal history, a time they will always remember, and an event that signifies newfound freedom. offers you the dignified insight into the Graduation Cap—worn specifically on Graduation Day to make an impression and to reveal the completion of your Graduation.

The Origion of the Graduation Hat

Graduation hats are believed to have been developed in the 15th century, evolving from hats known as birettas used by Catholic clerics, scholars and professors, in the 14th and 15th centuries by students and artists.

Those funny hats are called "mortarboards" because they resemble a tool used by bricklayers to hold mortar.

In some areas, they're also called "square academic caps" or "Oxford caps."

The mortarboard consists of a flat, square board attached to a skullcap, with a tassel buttoned to the center.

Bachelor degree recipients wear this cap on graduation day and most mortarboards are black, along with the gown.

Typically, the mortarboard is worn with one corner facing forward, like a diamond. At the center of the mortarboard, there is usually a tassel attached.

In some cases, the color of the tassel matches school colors. At other times, special tassel colors are used to represent particular degrees, subject areas, or achievements.

It has become a tradition at many schools for all graduates to wear the tassel on one side until receiving their diplomas. After the graduating class is announced, the students then switch the tassel to the other side.

Tossing of the cap

Graduates tossing their caps in the air, actually originated during a Naval Academy ceremony in 1912.. Other institutions later adopted this as a celebratory expression for graduates.
This is a tradition for both High School and College ceremonies.

Quotes For Graduation Caps

  • "Destiny Is A Matter Of Choice." — William Jennings Bryan
  • "Go Forth And Set The World On Fire" — St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • "Your Imagination Is Your Preview Of Life" — Albert Einstein
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  • "Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams" — Henry David Thoreau
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