Last Updated: 3rd July, 2020

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation Party Invitations

Celebrate your grad's big day with a cake that not only tastes amazing but also wows the crowd!

Graduation, whether from a school or university, hold special significance for the graduate and his near and dear ones. It marks the passage of time spent in doing hard work and the anticipation for the future success. It’s a time for jubilations and parties! And what’s a celebration party without a cake! There are many ways you can make the graduation cakes special for that special one. Here are a few graduation cake decorating tips.

Graduation Cake Decorations

Graduation Cake Decorations
  • Design the graduation cake with miniature grad statues, owl picks, graduation candles, grad caps and paper diploma.
  • Make edible diplomas-Roll up a pumpkin roll and ice as a diploma. Use Ready Rolled Fondant to make a diploma, etc.
  • Use a candy mold or a pantastic pan to add decorative graduation items, numbers to your cakes with chocolate, fondant, gum paste, sugar, mint dough, etc. Make now and keep in a cool place.

Make Edible Graduation Cap-

  1. Place a miniature peanut butter cup from size 5 mold, bottom up on a plate.
  2. Top with a small dollop of frosting or peanut butter, and then press on a covered graham cracker.
  3. For a tassel, tightly roll up a small square of fruit leather.
  4. Cut fringe in one end and attach the other end to the center of the graham cracker with another dab of frosting or peanut butter.
  • Try a Color Flow picture. Use the High School invitation; enlarge at a copy store if necessary. Lay wax paper over picture and color flow in. Dry for 24 hours then carefully remove wax paper from color flow piece. Add to cake.
  • Use the graduate cake pan to make a cheese ball, gelatin, and etc. Line pan with plastic wrap, press cheese ball recipe into pan, cover and chill. When ready to serve, unmold onto serving plate and remove plastic wrap. Press nuts into sides for cheese ball.
  • Make that special occasion EXTRA special - have your graduate’s photo printed on a frosting picture! You can get Edible Frosting Sheet- with Graduate's photo printed on it and make it an Unforgettable Graduation Cake!
  • Make a Strawberry Jell-O cake for jelly lovers: Make jell-o in the grad pan and just outline it in icing and you're finished!
  • Add personal touch with adding graduation cake sayings on the cake. Wish 'Good Luck', 'You are a Graduate Now!', 'You Survived and Finally Graduated!'
  • Most Popular Graduation Cakes

    • CokeCola Cake
    • Peanut Butter Sheet Cake
    • One-Bowl Chocolate Cake
    • Banana Flip Cake
    • Cookies-and-Cream Cake
    • Yellow Cake with Buttercream Frosting
    • Malted Milk Cake
    • One-Bowl Chocolate Cake
    • Chocolate-Peanut Butter Sheet Cake

    Graduation Cake Sayings

    Here are some short graduation cake sayings that you can use on the special cake for your new graduate.

    • Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
    • On Your Way To Success.
    • Your Tassel Was Worth the Hassle!
    • Present Graduate, Future Millionaire!
    • Con-GRAD-ulations!
    • Your Perseverance Paid Off!
    • You Reached the End, Now You Can Start Again
    • Hat’s Off To The Grad
    • Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
    • You Did It With Flying Colors
    • Congratulations, YOU Did It
    • Towering Achievement
    • The Sky’s The Limit!
    • We Are Proud Of YOU!
    • You Made It!
    • Enjoy Your New Journey
    • You're a Class Act