Last Updated: 3rd May, 2019

Graduation Gift Ideas

The graduation season is finally here! Little girls are set to become pretty young ladies, while small boys begin to think of themselves as the smartest chaps on earth. Well, not for nothing! Graduating in itself is supremely rewarding, as the sheltered walls of one's college rooms give way to the tough world outside.

So, if you are preparing to gift your star grad sibling something special on his special day, you could choose from the list of gift ideas sketched up below, so as to bring a smile on his face and make the event of graduating one of the most memorable events in his life.


  • your special grad loves to read, gift him books. Please ensure that you don't end up buying any random fiction. Gift him the ones he needs at this significant transitional phase of his life.

  • Dave Ramsey's "Graduate Survival Guide", David Wallace's "This is Water", Shell Silverstein's "The Giving Tree", Jaron Lanier's "You Are Not A Gadget" and Suze Orman's "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke" should do the wonders. Gift him these books as these should guide and help him cope with the crucial changes going on in his heart and mind now.


Photo album:

  • Nothing is more precious than memories. And while memories fade, photographs do the perfect work of never letting you forget events, instances, moments and memories. Make a well-decorated photo album for your special grad.

  • Collect some snaps of his college life from his friends, make a collage of them as the cover, and gift him the album. Let him fill the album with snaps of his favorite moments of college. This gift will remain with him in every walk of his life and he will cherish it.

Gift-Cards of restaurant or favorite brands:

  • Gift cards are an excellent gift idea to your pampered grad. If he is a foodie at heart, you can gift him luncheons at his favorite joint. If he loves to shop, present him with gift cards of a memorable retail therapy at his favorite set of brands.

Gift Cards of restaurant

Grocery store gift-cards:

  • One of the most practical and utility gift ideas on graduation is a lump sum amount's worth grocery-store gift card. It is particularly helpful as your special grad gets to pick up the necessary items he needs for his everyday use.

  • If he is relocating to a new city after graduation, either because of a new job or his academics, it would be best to gift him a grocery store gift card. It is convenient, easy and most practical.

Themed Gift Basket:

  • You can gift the grad a basket containing items of his use such as a cup, a set of towels, boxers, watches, chocolates among other things. Make the basket a themed one, where all items denote a particular special feeling to him, like an perfect farewell message.

  • What will add to the value of the gift is if you can personalize the items, such as put a picture of his investiture ceremony on the cup, engrave a picture of his groups of friends on a shirt etc.

Themed Gift Basket

Cook books:

  • Cook books are an excellent item to gift your sibling grad, so that he can try his hand at the various culinary delights. If he is the kinds to love experimenting with taste buds or likes cooking, cook books are an ideal gift to keep him occupied in the kitchen!

Cook books

Car Kit:

  • One of the most useful gifts for him is a car kit. If he drives the car himself, he will be most happy to receive his favorite car kit items from you.

Car Kit

  • Gift him his favorite set of music CDs to play in the car, or a chic-looking hands-free Bluetooth set, or his brand of car perfume.

  • Fuel Card:

    • If your special grad takes out his motor-bike or the car to travel, it would be very effective if you gift him a fuel card. It will take care of his car's oil charges for a few days, and he will be able to go for longer rides with friends

    First aid kit:

    • The first aid kit is a handy gift you can present to your sibling. It is a necessary gift item, which will prove valuable to him.

     First aid kit

    Gift her a small tour nearby:

    • If you can, gift your special grad a small exotic tour nearby. Plan it with her friends. This is one trip she will remember forever'