Last Updated: 24th July, 2019

Gift Ideas for Men

Shopping gifts for men aren't easy as they are never clear about their shopping preferences. Maybe, we may sound stereotypical but that's the truth as men and shopping are extreme ends from each other. Some want branded gifts, some want heart-touching gifts while others do not want gifts at all. If you are thinking of buying best gifts for your brother, father, friend or boyfriend then you must be knowing that you are going to do a herculean task. But don't worry we have done some of the hard work for you. Here is a list of gift ideas which you can consider before buying gifts-

Amazon Echo

If your hunny bunny is a lazy lad then this is what he should be gifted. Give your love an on-demand at-home personal assistant which will help him to stay t ease. Amazon echo will fulfill all his demands. Whether it is about setting an alarm or telling weather details, playing music or any other thing that the guy needs, all we be done by using this device.


East or west, cool watches on men's wrists look the best. You can choose from top class international brands like Police, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, etc. and if money is not a determinant, then go for a high-end Tag Heuer or Rolex to make him feel special.


If your man smokes, then let him smoke in a royal way by gifting him a pack of assorted cigars. And whenever he's having his favorite scotch or beer, a fine cigar will complete his drink and he'll simply love the lavish feel that comes along.

Sports Bike / Harley Davidson

If he's into bikes, and you can afford to buy him one - get a sports bike for your man. The excitement and sheer pleasure that a good sports bike can give a man, can't be compared to any other gift. Some men crave for cruiser bikes over fast-paced sports bikes. The name ‘Harley Davidson' speaks for itself. If the personality of your guy will go well with this beast, give him a treat.

Gym Membership

You want him to be healthy and fit - go ahead and gift him a gym membership. Your concern for his health will surely make him super duper elated.

Propose a date

It's universally accepted that men propose going out on a date to the women they like. But the feelings are often mutual. So girls, go ahead and propose going out on a date, to the guy of your dreams, on any special occasion. He'll cherish this all his life, for sure.

A trip to Las Vegas

If a man gets tickets to Las Vegas from his wife or a girl friend itself, imagine the joy he will feel. Let him be free and have some fun with his guy friends. A little space will only strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Bungee Jumping

For the thrill-loving kind, plan a trip to any of the world's best bungee jumping destinations. It's sure to be a memorable experience.


If both of you like tattoos, get him a resplendent, awesome tattoo he's been long thinking of but hasn't got till date (or, better still, get him a tattoo of your name). But it has to be the best in class, done by an expert in this profession.

Favorite Sports Event

Get him tickets to a sports events he loves and if you share a common interest, so much the better! Go out and enjoy watching a tennis or baseball match, a leisurely round of golf, it's sure to be a date to remember!

Paintball fight

If he doesn't mind the rough and tumble of a paintball fight, it's a great way to indulge his competitive spirit and have fun together or with his friends. Gift him a session at a paintball fight arena and let the colors of fun take over.

Some more Ideas on Gifts for Men

Food gift baskets

One of the most exciting gift ideas for men is a food gift basket comprising fresh fruits like apples, pears, and oranges, cheese crackers, handmade chocolates, and chocolate caramels. You may also include muffins in your food gift basket. Alternatively, you may go for a fruit and nut basket having fresh fruits, roasted salted almonds, honey sesame sticks, and cashews.

One of the most interesting gift ideas for men is a special ice cream basket full of ice cream sauces, cones, and toppings along with hot fudge, caramel sauce, and ice cream scoopers. You may offer a snack gift basket which will be a delightful treat for your loved ones. The items you can look for in a snack basket are pretzels, butter rich cookies, and banana chips. Other delicious items that come in such baskets are white chocolate cookies, salted peanuts, and almonds.

Personalized photo mugs

A set of photo mugs is one of the most exciting gifts for men who love to drink tea and coffee. You can personalize the mugs with the photo your loved ones may prefer. Just upload the photo on the website from you're buying the gift item, and they'll enlarge it and have it imprinted on the mug.

Stones with love poems or messages

The stones with love poems or messages are among those gifts for men, which reflect your love and care for that special someone in your life.

You can gift these to your boyfriend or husband on Valentine's Day. Each of these stones has a brushed-nickel side which has love poems or messages inscribed on it. The other side of such a stone mentions the reasons why you love your partner so much. This will actually serve as the perfect romantic gift for your lover or husband.

Trendy iPhone cases

If your lover, husband, or any senior person in your family is tech-savvy, he'll surely prefer to keep the gadgets safe. So, if any of these men have an iPhone, gift them an iPhone case which they will surely appreciate.

Personalized pub glasses

This is one of the best gift ideas for men who're much senior to you, like your father or grandfather. The stylish set of pub glasses and a glass pitcher available in online stores will give you the chance to personalize it with special words of love and care. You may choose a set of pint pub glasses which your seniors may appreciate and love to use.

Car wash bucket

Whether it's the senior or junior men among your family members and friends, a car wash bucket is something they may love to receive as a gift. Such a bucket usually includes a branded car wash, all-purpose auto cloths, and car washing mitt. Some of these car wash buckets may also have a spray protectant and a glass cleaner with anti-fog wipes.

Sports themed cufflinks

If you're looking for gifts for men who love sports, you may offer them sports themed cufflink set instead of any sports equipment. The cufflinks come with images that represent a variety of sports. For example, you may find cufflinks having the image of a golf ball and bat engraved on it. If the recipient loves golf, the cufflinks will be an ideal gift for him.

Desktop calendars

If you'd like to make a special gift to someone who's a professional, well then you may go for desktop calendars which are available in cube shaped structures. These cube shaped pieces can also serve as paperweights. All you have to do is rotate the wheels and select the right option to represent the correct month, week, and day.

Gym wear kit

Most of the men always give first priority to their health and want to develop a fit physique. If your father, brother, friend or loved one is a gym freak and wants the same, then a gym wear kit is going to be the best gift for him. You can gift him a pair of round/polo neck t-shirt with joggers which would be a more than a perfect pair. A gym kit filled with accessories including a water bottle, wrist support, and socks can be given as a gift.

Customized cushion

You can never pay back the efforts a father puts in providing a proper upbringing to his children but yes, you can surely thank him by giving him a marvelous gift and a customized cushion can be one of them. You can gift your dad a personalized dad cushion on which you can get your printed photo with your dad. You can revive the memories of childhood by choosing a pic for the print and live the golden moments again by looking at the cushion.

Carry all backpack

Carry all backpack is a perfect gift for a guy who loves an adventurous life. If you think your boyfriend, friend, brother or any person is an adventure loving person and frequently goes on trips then trust us no other gift is going to blow his mind away other than a carry-all backpack. He will not only praise your thoughtfulness but also your choice of gift as he is going to get something through which he will get reminded of you whenever he will be ready for an adventure.

Gym cake for gym lovers

Baking, as a profession, has now excelled enormously. Various types of cakes of different designs and shapes are available in the market. Not only fruitcakes, red velvet cakes or chocolate cakes are included in the list but a new variety of cake for gym lovers has been introduced. You can surprise your gym lover brother, boyfriend, or friend by gifting him a gym themed cake. The cake not only looks delicious but is also made up of really healthy material which is good for the gym freaks. It will also help him to maintain their diet schedule without creating any hindrance.

Formal tie set

Men who work in offices usually conduct meetings and professional talks. While going on business trips or conducting such meetings one should dress in an extremely impressive way. So, according to us a formal tie set which matches the attire of your friend, father or boyfriend would serve as a more than perfect gift for him. Your gifted tie will not only remind him of you but will also carry the best wishes and love which you possess for him.

Beerpoly-boozy board game

Most of the men are party freaks. They love to spend time with their guys having fun while grabbing a beer. A Beerpoly-boozy board game would be a great gift not just for your guy but also for people who would be playing with him as they will also have lots of fun while playing the game. Beerpoly is perfect for people who drink. It is a hilarious adult game with a slight twist and great buzz-factor.

Rejuvenation kit

Who says only females are interested in makeup? These days men equally care for their looks. Teach them to care for their personal beauty and gift them the best Rejuvenation kit. This will give them a superb look and also boost their self-love thinking. They will start caring for themselves while trying to attain a charming personality.