Last Updated: 2nd March, 2020

Gift Ideas for Women

A woman has to juggle through many roles that of wife, mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend and friend and she does all this with elan managing the household and the office life at the same time with perfection. So, it becomes imperative to thank her for all the encouragement, support and inspiration that she has provided you all these years. There are many ways to do this, but the best is perhaps presenting her with a gift that she would cherish for a lifetime.

So, just scroll down this page and get a whole lot of ideas on what you can gift to the special women in your life be it your girlfriend, wife or mother.

Gift Ideas for Her


Women's day is just unthinkable without the flowers, colorful tulips, hyacinths, roses, orchids, daffodils, aromatic freesias and gerberas in bouquets. You will always please a woman by giving her flowers.

A warm and stylish faux fur coat -

When the temperature is dropping, the perfect thing to do is getting your girl a warm and cozy faux-fur coat. So, gift your girl a coat which is like wearing a hug. A coat that is versatile enough to go with your favorite jeans or tee, but also looks cool enough to carry while going to the workplace. Find the perfect one which will be a constant repeat from the wardrobe of your girl.

Makeup power palette -

Every girl needs a quality makeup for her in order to get a tropical makeover. It is important to have a nourishing palette which gives her face a perfect finish. Gift her a makeup palette of the best brand which contains eye shadows, highlighters, and brushes by which she could apply the makeup perfectly. With numerous options in the palette, she can groom her personality best.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend


Every woman loves jewelery and so would your girlfriend. So, gifting her a beautiful bracelet would surely be a good option. It would not only make her heart flutter but will last a lifetime. How about making it more personalized by getting your and her name carved on the bracelet.

Fitness tracker

Is your girlfriend a fitness freak? Yes, then a fitness tracker would be the perfect gift for her. There are a number of fitness trackers available in the market ranging from the affordable to the rather expensive. So, just choose the right one for her. She would surely love the fitness tracker as it would help her remain in shape.

Take her out on a movie

If your girlfriend is into movies, taking her out to the cinema will be the best gift that you can give her. Just keep in mind the kind of movies she loves. Does she like romantic, action or drama, and is she into Hollywood or Bollywood? The movie, followed by a nice romantic dinner, would surely make her day.

Store your memories

Presenting her with memories of your past would surely make her eyes swell with happiness. For this you need to present her with a lovely photo frame. Arrange all the beautiful pictures that you have clicked of you two together whether it was your first meeting, first dinner at the restaurant, a visit to a famous monument or just a stroll in the park. It was surely make her reminiscence of the lovely past.

Cookies and chocolates

Most of the women have a sweet tooth and if your girl is one of them then presenting her with a box of chocolates or cookies will be the perfect choice. Gift her an assortment of cookies or chocolates and see the smile on her face became extra wide.

Gift Ideas for Wife

Personalized cutting - chopping board and tools

If she likes to cook then add a personalized touch to her kitchen and make her reminded of you often. Gift her a customized cutting board and related tools which will not only help her tackle the kitchen work but also make her miss you. Also, help her with cutting and chopping and she will be thoroughly impressed.

For the book lover

If your wife loves reading, then presenting her with a book of her choice will be a splendid idea. Check out what she loves reading and who her favorite author is. Buy the best book of that author and present it to her. You can also go a step ahead and gift her a Kindle. This incredible device would help her download the books of her choice.

For the woman who works from home

A nice office desk, an elegant table lamp or any other valuable office accessory is the perfect gift if your wife spends a significant part of the day in her home office. These products would improve her productivity and she will surely thank you for it.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones make a perfect gift, especially if your wife loves listening to music while she is traveling. However, if the earbuds are uncomfortable they may mar her pleasure. So, scout for comfortable wireless headphones. A great gift to present to your wife on her special day.


Whether she is an ace photographer or an amateur, a camera would surely make the perfect gift. Accumulate knowledge on which camera is perfect for her age and interest. A nice gift, the camera would help her capture many special moments that are yet to come in your life.

Designer dress

If your wife loves to dress up, then gifting her a designer dress would be the perfect choice. Buy it from the market or get it tailor-made, the choice is yours. However, do make sure that the colors suit her. She would not only love you for it, but the dress would also make heads turn at the party.


Gift Ideas for Mother

A bunch of flowers

Flowers have always been the perfect gift. So, gift her a nice bunch of flowers. You can gift roses, tulips or any other flowers you want to. You can even gift her a bouquet. It would be a nice addition to your balcony or lawn.


Jewelery is the prized possession of every woman. So, enlarge her personal collection of jewelery by gifting her a ring, necklace, bracelet or any other jewelery item. Buy jewelery that suits your pocket. After all, it is the love and affection reflecting in the gift that would make her feel happy.

A family pillow

You can also gift her a family pillow. You can make it more personal by getting a silhouettes of you and your entire family engraved on the family pillow. You can even get a bit more personal by just having a drawing of you along with your mother on the pillow.

For the hobbyist

You can also gift her an item according to her hobby. If she loves gardening, then gift her garden tools. If she is into cooking, then you can present her with cooking utensils, induction or gas stove. Similarly, if she has any other hobby you can present a gift which would enhance her interest.

A personalized mug

Gift her a personalized mug. Either the mug can have a picture of you along with your mother or you can get a lovely message engraved on the mug expressing your love for your mother. She will surely love the gift and keep it in her collection of most prized possessions.