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to be removed from the wearers wrist until they fall off naturally. If they are intentionally removed the friendship is said to be over.

The appearance of the friendship bracelets changes according to the friendís age group. This is mainly reflected in the varying patterns of the different friendship bracelets. As friends get older bracelets are crafted from gold, silver or beads. Selecting a new bracelet for a friend can be both fun and a challenge.

Here are some great ideas for presenting your friend with a friendship band or bracelet.

Matching Friendship Bracelets

One of the best ways to select a bracelet for a friend is to go for matching bracelets. Whenever you are far or near this friendship bracelet will always remind you of each other.

Another great friendship combination is to go for a matching friendship necklaces and friendship bracelets. There are different patterns available in the market to select from. You can always find a set with matching bracelet and necklaces that compliment each other. If you want you can even personalize it with diamonds and gems.

Silver Friendship Bracelets
One more fantastic friendship bracelet idea is to go for a silver bracelet. This bracelet can be given to both males and females and blends in as a fashion accessory. You can even personalize the friendship bracelet by engraving a nice friendship message or your names on it.


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