Gift Ideas for Grandma

Grandmothers are caring, pampering and loving. You can never forget her fairy tales she told you as a kid. So, gifting your grandma your choicest present is a wonderful idea! Here is a range of gift ideas you can pick from, and make your grandma's day special.

Arty Pickle/Jam Jars:

Grandmas are usually fond of preparing pickles and jams. A good idea is to gift them a set of beautiful pickle/jam jars to preserve her precious handmade pickles. She would love to serve you her jams from the jars you gifted her.

Handmade Card/Gift:

If you are still a young kid, then you can try out a simple handmade card for your grandmother.

Homemade cards

More than big fat gift packs with heavy price tags; your grandmother loves what you make especially for her. You can also try out handmade gifts, like a cardboard box to keep her little things safe, or a fancy needle or pin container etc. Craft a gift/card exclusively for her. Make her feel special.

Gift a memoir:

For those who have grown up in their grandmother’s lap listening to stories and folk tales, you can create a memory book. A memory book would help you to keep safe those memories of your childhood shared with your grandmother. You can either buy a memory book or create it yourself, using fancy colorful spiral books. You can adorn it further and personalize it by filling it up with photographs of you and your grandmother.

Personalized Apron:

Looking for a gift that would accompany your grandma while she bakes a cake for you? Gift an apron. Personalized apron with pictures of her grandchildren would make her feel happy and proud. It would be a delight for her to be with her little grandkids while she works in the kitchen.

Ornaments for Grandmother:

Your grandmother still loves jewelry? Well, then there’s nothing like gifting her nice pair of bangles or an elegant pendant. However, just getting her something from the shop wouldn’t be so special. So, make sure you personalize the ornament by either adding a personal message or her name or a picture of both of you on it.

Plan a trip

Have extravagance on mind? Pamper your grandmother with a jolly trip. You could either plan a romantic getaway for your grandparents, or you could plan a small trip for the entire family to celebrate Grandparents’ Day! Your grandma would love to have a good time with her family.