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Unique Food Gifts

Most people find it rather easy to buy Food gifts for their relatives, colleagues or clients but are often stumped for choice when it comes to buying food gifts for their partner. Think about it, Food makes such a wonderful gift because both of you can enjoy it together. Valentineís Day is an excellent time for giving food gifts yet we hardly progress beyond the customary chocolates and wine. How about you surprise your partner with these Unique Food Gifts Ideas.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Strawberries and chocolate have always been a great combination. If you can find ripe strawberries locally and have a flair for desserts, you can make these at home. If you don't have the time or inclination, you can order chocolate covered strawberries online and have them shipped via overnight air for a fresh and memorable food gift.

  • Delectable Caramel or Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn - He may never eat microwave popcorn again after tasting fresh-popped gourmet popcorn in one of these unforgettable flavors. Valentine's Day popcorn gift tins are available in hearts and other romantic designs that make this an enjoyable idea.

  • Heart-Shaped Cheesecake - Cheesecake is a rich and decadent dessert that will leave you satisfied, and the heart shaped design makes this a unique food gift to convey your feelings.

  • Bouquets Of Cookies Ė Many people might not appreciate flowers, but how about cookies arranged in a bouquet? Cookie gift bouquets typically consist of plain or iced cookies attached to wooden sticks and artfully arranged in a bouquet like flowers. The heart-shaped cookies make a "sweet" gift.

  • Gift Certificate To His Favorite Restaurant - Does he have a favorite restaurant that he loves but he rarely gets to visit? Get him a gift certificate so he can dine in style. Don't forget to buy one large enough so he can take you with him! For a real treat, you can make the reservations too and he'll look forward to his evening out with his sweetheart.

  • If your partner is fond of cooking, gift her all the ingredients which are a must have in a gourmandís kitchen. You donít have to know much about cooking to do so because such Primer food gift baskets are easily available online. You just have to zero in on what kind of cuisine she loves cooking best and you can find a custom designed basket including all the ingredients necessary for cooking that kind of cuisine.
Be Creative! Surprise your partner by your thoughtfulness. To spice things up, why not buy food which works as an aphrodisiac like truffles, certain fruits and spices. Regardless of what you buy, make sure its fresh and of a good quality. If you are not using a basket, wrap up your gift nicely. Decorate the basket if you are using one. Keep your partnerís taste in mind while buying Unique food gifts for him/her.